In a hilarious incident caught on cam, a camera conscious elephant was seen ‘slapping’ a girl trying to click its picture. Further, the elephant in the video can also be seen trying to snatch away the phone using its long trunk. The video was shared on Twitter by an account called Fail Army and has been viewed close to five-lakh times.

While the video was shared on Twitter earlier on Monday, May 23, it should be noted that the incident transpired back in 2019 and was reported from Zambia. The girl in question, who got slapped by the elephant, was reportedly on a 12-day trip in Zambia with her high school friends from Grace Prep.

In the video gone viral, a group of youths can be seen standing concerningly close to an elephant enclosure. One girl goes ahead and pets the elephant on its trunk. In the meantime, a second girl pulls out her phone to start taking pictures of the thrilling moment.

However, in no time, the elephant uses its trunk to slap the girl on its face, which gets her to drop the phone. The rest of the video shows the elephant trying to snatch the phone with its trunk.

The Facts of the Matter

In the increasingly ‘selfie’ centered culture, where people from all age groups, simply pull their phone out to capture the moment on phone, instead of living it, there are some incidents-cum-lessons. Recently, the video of a girl getting slapped by an elephant for trying to click its picture, serves a simple lesson – try to be in the moment, and put that phone down every once in a while, especially when you’re dangerously close to an animal.

The video was shared on Twitter by Fail Army and has been viewed close to five-lakh times so far. The video has also garnered some hilarious responses from netizens who took to the comment section.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, a group of youths can be seen standing close to an elephant enclosure. They bask in the gory of the magnificent animal and see it up close and personal. A few girls also extend their hand and the elephant allows them to pet it on the trunk.

This is when the camera focuses on a girl in black sweatshirt, carrying a grey hoodie. Instead of being in the moment and petting the elephant, the girl pulls out her phone and points it directly at the elephant’s face.

An obviously camera-conscious elephant doesn’t waste a single moment and simply slaps the girl on his face. The slap was so hard that the girl can be seen catapulted back and dropping her phone. The elephant is also seen trying to extend its trunk and snatching away the girl’s phone.

Watch the Video Here:

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Netizens React to Elephant ‘Slapping’ Girl For Taking Pictures

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“Felt Like 10 People Punched Me”

According to reports, the incident transpired earlier in 2019 and was reported from Zambia where a bunch of youths were out for traveling for a mission-trip. The unidentified girl wrote a letter to Fox News and explained what she felt when she was slapped.

“I felt like 10 people had punched me at once as I was catapulted backward and my phone flew forward to the ground,” the girl said. “One of the best parts is that it was all captured on video so everyone, knowing I was okay, could get a good laugh out of it,” she joked.


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