In a shocking incident caught on cam, a man with six pending court cases was stabbed by a four-member gang in broad daylight in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The incident occurred earlier on Wednesday, May 18 and transpired on the busy road in Aminjikarai. As the gruesome event unfolded, several motorists on the road pulled out their phones and shot the entire incident on video, visuals of which are going viral on social media.

In the video gone viral, four men can be seen hacking the victim to death. They repeatedly use their weapons on the victim, who’s seen lying on the road lifeless. After sensing the victim has passed, the attackers can be seen leaving the scene of crime one after the other. One attacker can be seen leaving his three accomplices and rushing towards his vehicle. The second attacker also follows suit. Soon, the final two attackers leave the victim and flee on a motorcycle.

The victim, identified as S. Arumugam was the owner of a finance company with as many as six court cases pending. This included murder, assault and sexual harassment. So far, police are suspecting that the deceased man was killed by people whom he wronged.

The Facts of the Matter

On Wednesday, waves of shock were felt across the metropolitan city of Chennai as a man was brutally hacked to death in broad daylight by a gang of four persons. The incident transpired earlier on Wednesday afternoon on a busy road in Aminjikarai, one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Chennai. The deceased was identified as S. Arumugam – a man with six court cases pending and a violent history.

The horrific murder was captured both on CCTV camera installed near the crime scene and by motorists who witnessed the order.

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What Does the Video Show? (Reader’s Discretion Advised)

In one of the videos going viral, a four-person gang can be seen attacking the now deceased man with sharp weapons. The accused can be seen hacking the deceased repeatedly. After almost a minute of ruthless hacking, the accused one after the other leave the scene of crime. One accused can be seen rushing towards a fallen down motorcycle and tries to pick it up. Another accused follows the suit and flees the crime scene. In the end, the two remaining accused leave by the motorcycle. The accused succumbed to his injuries on the spot. Even though the incident happened in broad daylight on a busy road, there was no one who intervened to help the deceased.

Watch Video Here (Viewer’s Discretion Advised):

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Chennai Man was Chased by Gang

According to reports, the events unfolded around 1.30 pm on Wednesday when Arumugham was riding on a motorcycle with another man Ramesh. As they were on the motorcycle, four men on two motorcycles blocked them. While Ramesh managed to safely leave the chaos, Arumugham was chased by the assailants, and he was cornered by them on the spot where the incident’s visuals were taken from.

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The Violent History of Deceased Chennai Man

Following the incident, the body of deceased was sent to post-mortem and an investigation was initiated. As per preliminary investigation so far, Arumugham had six cases pending against him regarding assault and harassment. He was also arrested for sexually harassing a woman in front of her husband.

Arumugham was also allegedly involved in matters of attacking borrowers for defaulting the loan dues.

2 Men Already Surrendered

According to reports, two men have already surrender before the court in connection to the case. While the cause of the horrific violence is still unconfirmed, it’s being speculated by the authorities that Arumugham was killed due to enmity.


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