In a shocking incident caught on cam, a handful of children crashed about 30 ft down on ground as a water slide broke in half at an amusement park in Indonesia. The incident which occurred earlier on May 7 was reported from Kenjeran Park also known as Kenpark in Indonesia’s Surabaya city. Reportedly, 16 children were injured in the shocking incident.

Reportedly, a section of the water slide completely broke and the riders on the slide fell from a height of around 30 ft to the ground below. The incident’s visuals show the drastic impact the children took after falling on hard ground. In one of the videos from the incident, water can be seen cascading onto the ground and the hair-raising sound of a giant thud of riders falling on hard ground can be heard. The shrieks and screams of people can be heard as well.

In another video, a rider can be seen sitting shell-shocked as the broken section of the slide lies at the ride’s base.

Although no confirmed reports have emerged as to what led to such an accident, local media is claiming that the ride had been worn out due to being used over the years.

The Facts of the Matter

An amusement park is one of the last places where one expects to witness a horrific accident that injuries several children in its aftermath. Recently some visitors of an Indonesian amusement park were shell shocked after witnessing a shocking accident which injured at least 16 children. Earlier on May 7, an entire section of a water slide broke in half at the Kenjeran Park in Surabaya, Indonesia.

According to reports, several children fell from a height of about 30 ft on the hard ground below after the water slide broke in half. Distressing visuals of the incident showed the entire ordeal.

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What Does the Video Show?

The first video shows a water slide breaking all of a side and water cascading on the ground. In the next moment, one can hear a loud thud as several children fall right on the hard ground. Some people rush can be seen rushing to help while others remain shocked at the ordeal.

A second more distressing video shows a child lying on the ground with a bloodied face. Some locals can be seen trying to help him out. The camera then pans to another child who is seen just shell shocked after taking the fall from the ride.

Watch the Video Here (Viewer’s Discretion Advised):

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What Caused the Accident?

While no official word is out as to what caused the water slide to break suddenly, local reports claim that the ride had been worn out due to being used over the course of time. However, the park management stated that the slide was under maintenance just nine months ago and also added that the slide was overloaded.

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Mayor Calls for Inspection of Other Amusement Parks

Meanwhile, Surabaya deputy mayor called for inspection of the Kenjeran park and other amusement parks in the region to make sure such a crisis doesn’t occur in near future. He also floated an advisory to amusement park owners about taking accountability and following safety measures for the visitors.


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