In a thrilling video caught on a dashcam, a bike driver can be seen avoiding a potentially fatal accident after he crashes right in front of a speeding truck. In the video slowly going viral, the motorcycle rider fell off his motorcycle after losing balance on a slippery road. Things went from bad to worse as the rider saw a truck speeding ahead of him. However, the man fools the grim reaper and scrambles out of the way of the approaching truck.

His minacious escape was recorded by the dashcam of the car possessed by an onlooker who was also in a car on the same route. Reportedly, the thrilling incident was reported from Malaysia. Thankfully, no one was reported injured in the incident, which reportedly took place earlier on January 24.

The Facts of the Matter

Remember a recently gone viral video of a young man on the scooter who escaped a mishap by avoiding colliding into a bus then whizzing past a tree on the road? The hair-raising video was reported from Eliyarpadavu’s Amblamogaru village, Mangaluru. The video emerged on social media earlier on January 12 and was soon shared and reshared on social media.

Well, a similar video is now making the rounds of Facebook which shows a Malay man avoiding a potentially fatal accident after he crashed in front of a speeding truck. After it was shared on Facebook it has amassed over nighty seven thousand views and hundreds of people have commented on the man’s luck.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video was shared by a page called ViralHogs. The video is taken from a dashcam kept in a car that is overlooking a stretch of wet road. One can also see that there’s a significant amount of drizzle at the time the incident transpired.

At around 3-second mark of the barely 21-second video we see a motorcyclist enter into the frame. Due to the slippery road, the rider loses his balance and he falls off the motorcycle. Things go from bad to worse as we see a speeding truck enter the frame.

What happens next is nothing short of a miracle. The lucky man somehow listens to his instincts and scrambles out of the way of the speeding truck. Like DC superhero Flash, the man showed his impressive reflexes and managed to run almost on his fours to escape the potential tragic mishap just in the nick of time.

One can see that his helmet and his motorcycle is on the other side of the road while he’s on one side.

The man goes on to check if his clothes are fine. Interestingly, without making a big deal out of the situation, the man casually walks to the other side of the truck, to possibly get back on his motorcycle.

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Netizens React on the Thrilling Video, Make Note of the Man’s Luck

Netizens were quick to react to the thrilling video. While some commented that God was looking out for their man, others made note on his the man’s good luck. A netizen also commented that the man should go buy a lottery ticket.

Watch the Video Here:

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Not All Such Incidents End on Good Note

The Malay man was having a lucky day, and hence walked away from the small accident unhurt. However not everyone in similar situations is lucky. Back in November 2021, a techie from Chennai was riding his motorcycle when he was disbalanced by a pothole. Somehow, the biker fell off his bike and veered towards a speeding bus that was coming from the opposite side of the road. The bus driver did not reportedly have enough time that he could pull the brakes. The bus ran over the techie who was reportedly dead on spot.


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