In a shocking incident caught on cam, a drunk air hostess and her friends were seen creating ruckus at a Jaipur restaurant, following which they were held by the police. The incident was reported from Sindhi Camp area in Rajasthan’s capital and occurred earlier on Friday. The accused in the incident was identified as Prachi Singh, an air-hostess by the profession.

The distressing video of the incident shows chaos ensuing on the streets of Jaipur. Due to the crowd that had erupted following the alleged altercation, it is challenging to ascertain what and who really caused the ruckus.

A man in neon top can be heard shouting at a group of men while another man tries to calm her down. Amid the shouting and screaming, one can hear shouts of someone abusing in Hindi and a man saying, “police aa gayihai (the police have come)”. By the end of the video, the camera pans to a man with a bloodied face.

According to reports, a case was filed against Prachi Singh, her husband Kartik Chaudhary, their friends Vikas Khandelwal and Neha after a complaint was filed. The accused had reportedly gotten into an argument with a family in a restaurant. After leaving the restaurant, Prachi Singh had allegedly broken the windshield of the family’s car with a beer bottle.

The Facts of the Matter

Days after a pub in Gurugram became the epicenter of a brawl, another similar incident was reported from Jaipur, Rajasthan. An air hostess, and her three friends, all of whom were allegedly drunk, created a ruckus at a restaurant in the Rajasthan capital. Following the incident, the air hostess, and five others, were arrested.

As per the reports, the accused, Prachi Singh, and her five friends were arrested by the police. The incident transpired earlier on Wednesday near the ‘Taxi Chick-Inn’ restaurant, located in Sindhi Camp police station area of Jaipur.

The entire ruckus was caught on camera, visuals of which are going viral on social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video shows a crowd of people gathered closely. While some can be seen hollering and shouting, others were simply seen catching the drama unfold. Amid the shouts, one can see a woman in neon top shouting and abusing a group of men. One man comes beside the woman and tries to intervene. Meanwhile, a man can be heard shouting, “Police aa gayihai (the police have come)”. As the video comes to end, a man can be seen having blood all over his face.

Watch the Video here:

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Accused Arrested, Out on Bail

Following the ruckus, Station House Officer, Sindhi Camp, was quoted saying, “A case was registered against Singh, her husband Kartik Chaudhary, one Vikas Khandelwal and Neha following a complaint by the family. The four were arrested and produced before a court. They are out on bail.”

Two more persons – Vishal Dubey and Arya – were also arrested for breach of peace. They too are out on bail.

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Cause of Ruckus Revealed

While it is not reported as to who the person with the bloodied face was, the cause of the incident has been revealed. As per the police, Prachi and her friends, who were in an inebriated state, got involved in an argument with a family at the restaurant. After leaving the restaurant, Prachi allegedly broke the windshield of the family’s car with a beer bottle.


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