In a horrifying act caught on cam, a Faridabad shopkeeper was brutally thrashed over Rs. 1,800 in Faridabad and the man’s rib was broken by the end of the incident. Although the act of thrashing someone over Rs. 1,800 sounds awful enough, the reason for the thrashing was even stranger. The man was thrashed after he merely asked for the payment for the services he gave.


Predictability is the crux of all stable human behaviour. As we walk on streets, work at our offices, interact with friends, acquaintances or strangers, there’s a sense of predictability which tells us that we will be safe from any harm during indulging into these activities. It helps us continue trusting one another and be on our best behaviour.

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Faridabad Shopkeeper Attacked for Doing his Job

But what happens when the predictability is taken out of the equation. Chaos ensues and the bridges of trust are destroyed. A Faridabad shopkeeper was on the receiving end of erratic behaviour that was not in the realm of any predictability. The man was brutally thrashed for merely doing his job. The entire incident was recorded on the CCTV camera.

The Context of the Incident

The victim of the incident has been identified as Gaurav, a Faridabad resident. On Friday last week, the accused customer, Dinesh Bhandana, had come to Gaurav’s shop to have his invertor fixed. After Gaurav fixed the invertor, he asked Dinesh for the money he owed him for the services rendered. The amount was Rs. 1,850.

However, things escalated from 0 to 10 in mere seconds and Dinesh, upon receiving the bill, got furious with Gaurav. He then went on to thrash Gaurav badly. On the CCTV footage, one can see how first Dinesh, in a furious manner started having an argument with Gaurav.

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What the CCTV Footage Showed

Pointing his finger directly at Gaurav, Dinesh closed in. Soon, all hell broke loose as Dinesh came towards Gaurav who was beside his counter and pushed him. Gaurav can be seen resisting to the aggression to which Dinesh gets more furious, as seen on the CCTV footage.

Attacker Goes Berserk, Punches Shopkeeper’s Rib

Soon, Dinesh starts shoving Gaurav and at one point goes berserk on him, hitting him on his ribs without an ounce of humanity. Meanwhile, strangers, who may have seen and heard the ordeal, came from outside and tried to calm Dinesh down.

With a ripped t-shirt, Dinesh goes on to throw things kept on the counter along with a seat that was kept on the floor beside the counter. Although it can’t be ascertained, Dinesh grabs a tool from the floor and with the same aggression moves outside, indicating that he may have hit someone else too.

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Man Arrested, Father of Victim Claims Attack on Migrants

After the incident, SHO (station house officer) Faridabad told news reporters that the accused Dinesh Bhadana has been arrested for his behaviour. Meanwhile, the victim’s father, Mr. Umesh Kumar was quoted in reports saying that migrants in the town are on the receiving end of such brutal “hooliganism”.

Similar News, Different Place

Earlier last month, a 19-year-old man was brutally beaten up and hit on his private parts by a group of people. The incident transpired at Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur. Incidentally, the whole attack was recorded by a person from their phone’s camera.

In the video, the 19-year-old man can be seen getting brutally thrashed and beaten by sticks by a group. The group of people can be heard asking the man his caste. After learning that the man belongs to a certain community, the mob started beating the 19-year-old man even more. Meanwhile, the man can be heard screaming in pain but continued to take the beating as he’s surrounded by the mob.