In a horrifying incident caught on came, a female lawyer was brutally kicked and punched in broad day light by her male neighbour in Karnataka. The blood-curdling video showed bystanders looking at the entire ordeal like mute spectators as the female lawyer was mercilessly thrashed by her neighbour over alleged property dispute. According to reports, the victim lawyer has been identified as Sangeetha while the attacker has been identified as her neighbour Mahantesh.

According to reports, the accused assaulted the woman in broad daylight in full public view due to personal enmity that was bed over a civil dispute case. The police claimed that the accused alleged the lawyer harassed him. The duo was known to have indulged in fights before as well.

The accused, is reported to be a photographer at the University of Horticulture Sciences, Navanagar, Bagalkot. After the incident, the police booked him on assault charges. It should be noted that even the incident transpired in broad daylight with several witnesses, not a single person came forward to intervene.

The video comes just a few days after a similar incident was reported from Madhya Pradesh, where an advocate was caught on cam assaulting a woman in the court compound.


The National Commission for Women received as many as 31,000 complaints of crimes against women in 2021, highest since 2014. In 2021, there was a 30% of rise in such complaints when compared against numbers from 2020, where 23,722 such complaints were made.

Off the total complaints, 11,013 were related to emotional abuse, followed by 6,633 cases of domestic violence, and 4,589 dowry harassment cases.

Uttar Pradesh, being the most populous Indian state, registered the most number of such complaints at 15,828. UP was followed by Delhi (3,336), Maharashtra (1,504), Haryana (1,460), Bihar (1,456).

Meanwhile, Karnataka witnessed another case of horrific assault against a woman lawyer. This time, the assault was caught on cam, with visuals of the attack going viral on Twitter.

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The Facts of the Matter

In a shocking incident, a woman lawyer was mercilessly assaulted by her neighbour in Karnataka’s Bagalkot. The incident was witnessed by several mute spectators and transpired in broad daylight at the Bagalkot Circle Street. The accused in the incident has been identified as Mahantesh while the victim has been identified as Sangeeta Shikkeri.

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Victim’s Husband Also Assaulted

According to reports, the accused launched a full-blown physical assault against the victim over a dispute related to court case of the accused’s house. Reportedly, the victim’s husband was also attacked by the accused. The incident transpired earlier on Saturday and was caught on video by mute bystanders, who instead of intervening, decided to record the assault.

What Does the Video Show? (Reader’s Discretion Advised)

The video shows the accused kicking and slapping the lawyer victim with a crowed gathered around them. As the victim tries to gather herself and back off, the accused corners her and continues hitting her. She ultimately is pushed down to the ground.

Watch the Video here:

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Accused and Victim’s Family have Fought in Past

According to reports, the accused is a photographer at the University of Horticulture Sciences, Navanagar, Bagalkot, Karnataka. The families of both the accused and victim have fought earlier in the past as well. The accused attacked the victim earlier on Saturday due to a case related to the property of accused and the personal enmity bred because of the same.

Following the Incident, the police identified the accused and arrested him on assault charges. Meanwhile, the victim was admitted to the hospital for treatment.


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