In an incident enough to send shiver down one’s spine, a leopard can be seen attacking officers during a rescue operation in Panipat. The leopard can be seen surrounded by officers and persons in civil clothes and can be seen leaping at the officers as they try to corner him and somehow overpower him.

The video has also divided netizens on Twitter with some praising the officers and their bravery, while others criticizing the way the big cat was being handled. The incident was brought to netizens’ attention when Panipat Superintendent of Police took to Twitter and shared the video of the rescue operation on Twitter.

“Tough day at work for people from police and forest dept. A couple of them suffered injuries…Salute to their bravery and courage… In the end, everyone is safe. Including the leopard..”, the video’s caption read.

According to reports, the leopard had come over 1.5 km into the village. The officers in question where somehow able to tranquilize the big cat in the end and the leopard was moved to the forest later. No casualties have been reported in the wake of the incident.

The Facts of the Matter

As a result of increasing urbanization, and rapid unsustainable deforestation, human-animal conflicts are on the rise. This is especially true in months of May and June, where heat is on its peak, and animals, large and small, are often driven out of forest area for more food and water. Recently, a leopard somehow made its way 1.5 km into a village in Panipat, and wreaked havoc.

The 8-year-old leopard was spotted by some villagers earlier on Saturday evening. The villagers raised an alert and a team of wildlife rescue officers and doctors rushed to the spot. A brief glimpse of the rescue operation is going viral on Twitter. The video of the rescue operation shows two rescue officers being pounced on by the big cat and sustaining injuries.

What Did the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, the leopard can be seen pouncing over the officials who are on their toes trying to deflect the big cat. The video also shows one officer running towards another colleague of his when the leopard attacks him. The furious and ferocious leopard tries to claw the forest officials as other officers try making noises with their sticks. The leopard, who is presumably in no mood to play, can be seen darting towards other officials in the video as well/

Watch the Video Here

Video of Leopard Rescue Op Divides Internet

The video, which has received close to six-lakh views so far, has met with polarizing reactions by Twitteratis. While some took to the comments section applauding the courage of the officers involved in the rescue operation, others called them out for the way they were handling the rescue of the big cat.

Leopard Released in Kalesar National Park

During the tense rescue operation, the local cops and wildlife staff ended up sustaining some minor injuries. After the big cat was tranquilized, it was taken to Rohtak for further medical examination. The medical examination cleared the leopard for being released into the forest. On Sunday morning, the leopard was finally released in Kalesar National Park.


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