In a hair-raising incident caught on cam, a ‘hero’ RPF staffer saved an elderly woman from being mowed over by train, and leaving netizens on Twitter impressed. The incident was brought to the fore after the official Twitter handle of Ministry of Railways shared the video of the incident, adding how the RPF cop darted before the elderly woman came under the train, and further added an appeal to all the railway commuters across nation.

“The woman’s life was saved by the vigilance and promptness of the RPF staffer! An elderly woman crossing the track at Lalitpur station of Jhansi division was saved by the railway security staffer posted there by playing on her life. All are requested to use Foot Over Bridge to go from one platform to another,” the caption read.

The ‘hero’ railway police force staffer in question has been identified as 59-year-old Kamlesh Kumar Dubey who is due to retire in another eighteen months. In his TOI interview, Mr. Kumar mentioned that in his 33-year-old long career of service in RPF, he had never been involved in such a hair-raising incident.

The incident transpired at the Lalitpur junction and the train that entered the frame of the video was the Sampark Kranti Express.

The Facts of the Matter

Recently videos of selfless and brave staffers from government railway police and railway police force saving people from being run over by trains have enthralled the netizens on Twitter. Not only do these videos show netizens the harm and risk that RPF staffers put themselves in for selfless cause, but they also provide a lesson as to how to act at a railway station.

Recently, a similar video went viral on social media after being shared by the Railways Ministry. The video showed a vigilant RPF cop saving an elderly woman from being run over by a train in just the nick of time.

The RPF cop was identified as Kamlesh Kumar Dubey and the incident transpired on a track at the Lalitpur station, Jhansi.

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What Did the Video Show?

The video shows the vigilant RPF cop standing on a platform and objecting to two elderly women moving on rail tracks who’s not captured by the CCTV camera.

Within moments, matters escalate as despite the RPF staffer’s warning, the elderly women decided to cross the tracks right when the Sampark Kranti Express was about to pass. While one of the women somehow managed to climb the platform, other was still on the tracks.

Without wasting a single moment, the RPF cop darted forward and pulled the elderly woman on the track just in time.

Watch the Video Here:

Netizens React to the Video:

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“Trained Helped Me”: Hero RPF Cop

In an interview to TOI, Kamlesh Kumar Dubey said, “I rushed and pulled her up with all my strength. She was saved by a fraction of a second. My training helped me to maintain balance while the speeding express train was passing and I held the woman between my legs.”


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