In a hair-raising incident caught on cam, a leopard strayed into an Aligarh school and attacked student before being locked in the classroom. Thanks to the CCTV camera installed in the classroom, the teachers and students were later able to monitor the locked-up leopard. In the visuals, the deadly cat can be seen pacing around the class room.

News reporters on the ground also recorded footage of several people climbing walls above the school to catch the whole ordeal. Meanwhile, the student who was attacked was identified as Lucky Raj Singh. Standing true to his name, Singh only received minor injuries and was later discharged from the hospital.


Tigers, lions, leopards and other members of the cat family are as magnificent and deadly. These ferocious animals are best observed in a zoo or at a wildlife sanctuary. But what happens when one encounters these animals in the civilized human world.

In the past there have been several incidents of leopards managing to get out of their habitats and enter into villages or cities. The consequences of such incidents have been tragic to both humans and the animal. While at times humans are attacked and injured, other times the animals are inhumanely killed.

Recently, a leopard strayed into an Aligarh school and created a ruckus.

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The Facts of the Matter

In a spine-chilling incident, a leopard encroached its natural habitat and made its way to an Aligarh school. The incident was reported from the Chaudhary Nihal Singh Inter College in the Chharra locality of Aligarh.

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Student Enters Classroom, Leopard Attacks Him

At around 8:30 AM the leopard had its first encounter with a human when class 10 student Lucky Raj Singh entered a classroom and saw the ferocious animal. The flight or fight response was not quick enough for Lucky as the big cat caught hold of him and clawed his back before he could run away.

Meanwhile, several school students and respective teachers saw Lucky bleeding profusely and raised an alarm. Soon, the forest officials were called who initiated the obvious operation of rescuing the cat and evacuating it.

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Evacuation Operation Continued for 9 Hours

The entire top wall that the school was climbed by the citizens of the cities who wanted to see the whole ordeal. The evacuation operation continued for as many as 9 hours and finally the leopard was evacuated safely. In the operation personnel of Wildlife SOS, an NGO, were also involved.

Incident Happened Before School Assembly

A Times of India report stated that the school students were sent home and all the doors and windows of the school premises were sealed off. The school’s principal, Mr. Yogesh Yadav claimed that the incident happened right before the morning assembly.

Watch Video of Leopard in Aligarh School:

Brave Mother Saves Young Son from Leopard

Meanwhile, earlier last week a woman saved her six-year-old son from a leopard and snatched him out of the jaws of a fierce leopard. The incident was reported from Madhya Pradesh’s Sidhi district where Kiran, the mother of six-year-old Rahul was sitting next to a fire with her son.

A leopard meanwhile had chosen young Rahul as its target and in a flash pounced from the shadows and caught in its jaws. The shaken mother stood and ran after the leopard. She chased the leopard for several hundred meters and found it sitting silently, with its paws on Rahul’s chest.

Soon, Kiran lurched forward and grabbed Rahul with all her might and force. The leopard, taken by the surprise, couldn’t hold on to Rahul.