In an incident that was caught on cam, a man was first seen threatening a Thane cop in a disrespectful and infuriating manner. However, in a dramatic turn-of-event, he was seen crying apologetically when justice was served. The accused man was travelling with his wife and had parked his car in a no-parking zone. In the video, even his wife can be seen lashing out disrespectfully on the cop.


Public servants – cops especially – are subjected to a lot of elements. From tyrannical bureaucracy, to unwarranted anger from the public, to verbal and physical altercations by bad elements of the society. Yet, they do the needful, keep their vigil on and maintain law and order.

In one such incident of unwarranted anger from a couple in Thane, a traffic police had to keep his calm and let justice take over. While in any other situation, a person would find it challenging to avoid fighting after hearing disrespectful statements, the cop had to do that for the sake of his profession and to not antagonize the masses.

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Couple Throws Fit of Anger – Gets Caught on Cam

High octane drama was caught in cam at the Mira-Bhayandar area in Thane, Maharashtra. On Thursday, July 8, a traffic policeman did the needful of wheel-locking a car after a couple had allegedly parked their car in a no-parking zone. However, instead of apologizing to the cop and making truce, the couple threw a fit of rage and started misbehaving with the cop, threatened to beat him up, and even misbehaved with the onlookers.

“I’ll beat you up right here. Get out of the uniform”

The video – which instantly got viral on the social media platforms – shows the man, Amar telling the cop in Hindi-

“Is this your father’s road? Your arrogance comes because of your uniform. Get out of the uniform for five minutes and I will beat you up right here.”

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“Will repair car by selling you”: Wife lashes out on traffic cop

Meanwhile, the wife of the man – Meena – repeatedly shouted “I will repair my car by selling you” on top of her lungs. However, the cop displayed complete professionalism and was only seen placing his mask perfectly when Amar came inches close to him.

“Will cut you open from middle”: Threatening continues

As the police was not giving him a reaction that Amar wanted, he went as far as saying-

“I will cut you open from the middle.” The haughtiness of Amar’s wife showed no restrain and she looked right into the camera of a person who was shooting the whole ordeal and said, “Sure. Continue making the video. What can you do with that? Go ahead.”

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Justice Prevails – Man apologies while crying

Fortunately, justice prevailed. From ‘I will beat you right here’ – to – ‘Sorry sir, I made a mistake’, the man’s statement and attitude completely did a 180-degree summersault.  In a video, Amar can be seen sitting with folded knees and weeping with apparent regret. He can be heard saying-

“I’ll not repeat this ever. Will not do this to anyone in the future.”

A person, who’s not seen in the video asks him that he should’ve thought of all this before. To this, Amar replied-

“Please consider it was a mistake. It was a mistake. I am sorry.”

The man is again seeing shedding tears of regret sitting down, his head bent down.

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Arrested Under Sections 353, 506

While the wife of the man was given a verbal warning, due to the fact that she’s a pregnant woman, her husband was booked under mulitple charges from the IPC. According to reports, the man was booked under Section 353 (Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) and Section 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation).