In a hair-raising video caught on cam, a man pushed a woman in front of a moving train at a metro station. The woman miraculously escaped a horrific, potentially fatal accident, thanks to the metro train’s driver. The driver didn’t miss a single moment and pulled the brakes to stop the carriage barely a few feet away from the woman. In the video, now gone viral, one can see the perpetrator sneaking up behind the woman, shoving her in front of the oncoming train, and running away. The video also shows a bunch of bystanders who quickly swung into action and tried helping the woman. The entire incident transpired at a metro station in Belgium capital Brussels. The accused was apprehended soon and an investigation is to follow.

The Facts of the Matter

Life imitated fiction when a man deliberately pushed a woman in front of a moving metro train in Brussels. The incident was reported from a metro station in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Due to the incident, metro traffic suffered massive interruptions. While we have seen heartwarming videos of God-sent men and women helping someone who falls on a train track, this is a fascinating other-side-of-the-coin.

Reportedly, the victim of the incident was a 55-year-old woman while the accused was 23-year-old man. While the woman didn’t suffer any injuries, she was hospitalized due to the obvious shock she was thrown into.

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What Did the Video Show?

The incident caught on cam shows multiple commuters waiting for their metro to arrive. Out of nowhere, a man in black t-shirt sneaks up behind one of the commuters. The soon-to-be victim can be seen waiting patiently, and suddenly the man behind her shoves her in front of an oncoming metro.

Such was the impact of his shove that the woman was thrown off at least 5-6 feet away. What makes the video even more horrific is that soon we see a metro appear in front of the frame. However, thanks to the driver’s presence-of-mind, the brakes were pulled within a moment.

Soon, the bystanders swing into action. They jump down from the platform to the tracks to help the victim. Interestingly enough, as soon as the woman was considered to be safe, other bystanders rushed in the other side, to possibly nab the culprit.

Watch the Video Here:

The Brussel Times quoted the spokesperson of the Brussels public transport company STIB saying, ““The driver reacted very well but is very much so in shock, as is the victim.” Reportedly, the train operator saw the woman on the train tracks and pulled the emergency brakes just in time.

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Culprit Arrest Minutes After Fleeing

Soon, emergency services for the victim were called and police force also came together at the scene. Although the culprit immediately fled after shoving the woman, he was arrested within a few minutes. Brussels public prosecutor’s spokesperson shared, “Thanks to the distribution of the images of the suspect within the police services, he was intercepted a few minutes later while he was in the metro station De Brouckère.”

Meanwhile, the woman and the metro operator were soon rushed to the hospital for all the post-trauma care. They were both discharged soon after they received appropriate care.

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Psychiatric Expert Appointed for Accused

The accused, whose name has not been reported yet, was arrested for attempted homicide. Although he is currently being interrogated, a psychiatric expert is also appointed to understand his condition, if any. An investigation is underway to ascertain whether the suspect’s motive were caused due to a mental issue, or something else.


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