In a thrilling moment caught on cam, a Mangaluru cop nabbed a mobile thief after a long cinematic chase, and was later awarded Rs. 10,000 by the Mangaluru city police commissioner. The quick as lightning police officer was identified as Assistant Sub-Inspector Varun Alva, who works for the Mangaluru city police. The accused was identified as 32-year-old Harish Poojary from Neermarga. The entire chase looked something to have come out of a Rajinikanth blockbuster. Right from the long chase where the officer had to dodge traffic while not losing his speed, to him pinning down the accused on road – the chase was ‘paisa vasool’.

The incident comes just a couple of days after another video for Mangaluru went viral. In that video, a young man speeding on a scooter miraculously dodged a reversing bus and a tree on the road.

The Facts of the Matter

What are some essential ingredients of a ‘seeti-maar, paisa-vasool’ police chase sequence? The cop getting out of his vehicle and running after the accused, the accused making way into the traffic, hoping it slows down the cop, the cop dodging the traffic and finally nabbing the accused. All the while, the viewers find their nails have been completely chewed off and their heartbeat is faster than ever.

Well, a video of a police officer going into a chase sequence has gone viral on Twitter recently. The only difference is that it is not scripted, but actually from a real-life chase which ensued after the police officer had to nab mobile thieves.

The video was reported from Mangaluru and occurred earlier on Wednesday before it was reported. Reportedly, a migrant worker from Rajasthan was resting when the three men grabbed his mobile phone. The worker asked for help and some people ran after the accused.

Meanwhile, police officer Varun Alva and his team of officers were also at the spot. Seeing the commotion, they swung into action and a chase soon ensued.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video shows a team of police men, including officer Alva, stepping out of their vehicle and running after the accused. The person recording the video catches the police officers make their way through hindrances such as dividers, trashcans, narrow parking lanes, etc.

At one point the police team effortlessly jumps over multiple boom barriers and carry on with the chase. Soon, the episode is taken to a busy road with traffic coming on both sides. The police officers continue dodging the traffic.

In the end, we see officer Alva finally grab hold of the accused. He pins the accused to the ground and the video ends.

Watch the Video Here:

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Netizens React to Video

The video has been viewed over 15k times on Twitter and several people have retweeted the same. In the comments, netizens have applauded the efforts made by the police officers. Skeptics of the videos are wondering that the chase ensued at a time the camera person was there to record the same.

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Police Officer Felicitated, Rs. 10,000 Cash Reward

According to reports, the police were able to accused the primary accused, Harish Poojary (32), and the second accused Shamath (20). The third accused, identified as Raju, was able to flee the scene despite the applause-worthy efforts of police.

It should be noted that not only police officer Alva win the affection and appreciation of netizens, he was also felicitated by the city police. Sub-Inspector Alva was felicitated by the city police commissioner with a cash reward of Rs. 10,000. During the investigation it was revealed that the accused had been involved in similar thefts.


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