In a moment that displayed strength in unity, people on streets came together and stopped a car with their bare hands in order to save the driver woman who was having a medical emergency behind the steering wheel. The entire ordeal was caught on cam, visuals of which are going round of social media. The incident occurred earlier on May 5 and the security camera on the street captured the entire ordeal.

The woman who reportedly had the medical emergency was identified as Laurie Rabyor. A mother, Laurie had taken some high-blood pressure pills and was fasting ahead of a medical procedure which led her to feel dizzy behind the wheel.

Hair-raising visuals caught on cam showed a woman waving her arms to get attention of pedestrians and fellow drivers. Meanwhile, the car kept crawling through the intersection. Before the vehicle could cause damage, several people worked together to resist the car’s acceleration and stop it.

It takes several people’s efforts for finally the car to come to a halt. Thankfully the good samaritans were able to put the car on park and Laurie was provided the medical attention.

The Facts of the Matter

While the road is as they say, “filled with idiots”, it is also filled with good-natured people who at the drop of a hat can jump into any crisis and try to avert it. Recently, some good samaritans in Florida came together and stopped an uncontrollable car with their bare hands after the driver of the vehicle was having a medical emergency. The incident occurred earlier on May 5 and visuals of the same are going viral on Internet.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video shows a woman’s car entering a busy intersection when the traffic light is red. She is being accompanied by her co-worker, who is in another vehicle, driving alongside her. On seeing her colleague having a medical issue, she rushes out of the car and tries to get attention of other vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

The woman’s attempt of getting attention is successful as several people step out of their vehicles and simply rush to stop the moving vehicle. One person is joined by a couple of other persons, and they are joined by a few more. The people can be seen working against the car’s acceleration and making efforts to stop the moving vehicle.

Meanwhile, a woman somehow manages to grab a dumbbell from her vehicle and hands the same to a man who smashes it to the passenger’s side window of the car. Another person gets into the car through the window and successfully unlocks the passenger’s side door.

Watch the Video Here:

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Police Looking for Those Who Helped the Woman

Following the incident, the Boynton Beach police stated that they wanted to honour the good civilians who stopped to avert a crisis. They asked people to come forward if they know the people shown in the video.

According to a CBS12 report, the police have been able to identify some of the persons involved in the matter. They are now coordinating with their schedule so that they could meet the person that they saved.

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“I wish I was a millionaire”

Meanwhile, Laurie, who was unconscious because of a combination of blood-pressure pills and fasting, gave an interview to CBS12. In her interview, she said, “Thank you so much. I don’t know how to thank you. I wish I was a millionaire, so I could buy y’all a boat.”

“The comments I’m seeing, people are saying that I brought tears to their eyes. I was so happy to see that the community can come together & people can come together again,” she added.


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