In a shocking incident caught on cam, a woman in Tamil Nadu was recently kidnapped by a mob of 10 men. After the woman was rescued, it was found out that the primary accused in the matter used to stalk her. According to reports the primary accused asked 14 of his associates to come along with him and they were caught on the video barging in the women’s residence, and abducting her.

The incident was reported from Tamil Nadu’s Mayiladuthurai and occurred earlier on Tuesday night. According to reports, the accused in the matter was identified as Vigneshwaran. The entire ordeal was caught on CCTV, visuals of which are making rounds of social media.

The distressing video shows several men, one after the other, breaking into the woman’s home. They get through to the main gate by pushing and pulling it with all their strength. Once the door is open, they barge into the residence. Once the first few men get inside, one gets to see that the primary accused has brought in an entire mob of people.

Some women come out of the house to raise alert. However, the mob of men bring the victim outside, and take her to a truck they have brought with them.

The Facts of the Matter

In a horrific incident reported from Tamil Nadu’s Mayiladuthurai, an unidentified woman was caught on CCTV getting abducted by a mob of 15 men. The woman was later rescued, and the primary accused in the incident was arrested. The accused was found to have harassed the woman in past and used to stalk her. The accused was identified as Vigneshwaran.

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What Does the Video Show? (Discretion Advised)

In the blood-curdling video of the incident, which was captured by the CCTV, the woman was seen getting ambushed by the mob and being abducted as other women in the residence tried to raise alert.

The video starts with a slew of men trying to barge into the residence of the victim. Several men are seen trying to break open the door by exerting all the force and pushing the door with all their might. In a few seconds, the door gives in and the abductors get in the residence.

Several men, most of them wearing masks, one after the other enter the apartment. One elderly woman is also seen coming out of the apartment to raise an alert.

Meanwhile, the mob of men can be seen walking out of the apartment with the victim. They climb down the stairs of the residence as a truck comes closer to the residence. The truck, as it appears in the video, was used to transport the mob of men.

Watch the Video Here: (Discretion Advised)

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Woman Rescued, Accused Arrested

Soon, the Mayiladuthurai police were alerted about the matter. A search team was immediately formed and the police were able to track down the vehicle which was carrying the victim. The police arrested the primary accused, and his two more accomplices and rescued the victim.

Accused Was Stalking the Woman

Initial investigation revealed that the accused had earlier befriended the victim, and had started stalking her later. The woman had reported about being staked to the police. The police had allegedly warned the accused, and had taken a written statement from him, before releasing him back.

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Woman was Kidnapped Earlier by Same Man

It should be noted that the accused had tried to abduct the woman back on July 12 as well. However, the woman had somehow managed to escape and had alerted the police. The police had been looking for the accused who was absconding ever since.

It was on Tuesday that the primary accused, and 14 other men, barged into the women’s residence. They threatened the victim’s family with knives and managed to abduct her.


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