In a shocking incident caught on cam, a Turkish woman was seen taking a burglar to task with a dusting cloth at a bakery. The incident was reported from Turkey’s Deventer and occurred at Mevlana Bakery on Tuesday earlier last week on Tuesday. The video of the incident was shared on Twitter and visuals of the same have been going viral ever since. The video of the robbery attempt gone wrong has been viewed over 1.4 lakh times so far.

The video of the incident shows the unidentified burglar entering the bakery at a time when the attending woman was cleaning the counter with a dusting cloth. The man dressed in a black hoodie was dangerous and was armed with a knife. As soon as the man tries to barge further into the store, the woman in question attacks him with the dusting cloth. She goes on to fend off the burglar with a cleaning spray as he tries to get his hands on the cash counter.

As the man continues to defend, the brave woman gives a last strike and hits him on the head. Meanwhile, a man sees the commotion, steps in the action and nabs the burglar. However, the burglar managed to slip through the man’s grip and fled from the spot.

The Facts of the Matter

We have often seen James Bond using common objects as weapons and defending himself from armed miscreants. While James Bond is a fictional character, recently a woman in Turkey did the most Bond-esque thing and used a dusting cloth and cleaning spray against a burglar who had entered the store.

The incident was reported from a bakery in Deventer, Turkey. While the woman has been identified as Latife Peker, she is being hailed a hero by the netizens thanks to her presence of mind which was caught on CCTV.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video captured at the CCTV set up at the Mevlana Bakery showed Latife cleaning up the counter of her son’s store when a burglar wearing a black hoodie steps in. Seeing the man’s body language and his intent, the Latife decides to defend the store without wasting time in waiting for anyone. Armed with a dusting cloth, Latife charges at the burglar and starts attacking him relentlessly. At one point, Latife also shoves off the man so that he could not make his way to the cash counter. She sprays some cleaning spray at the burglar to further distract him. This is when a man sees all the commotion and tries to nab the burglar. However, the burglar somehow manages to flee the scene.

Watch the Video Here:

Netizens React To Turkish Woman’s Bravery

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Woman Runs After Burglar at Wisconsin Jewellery Store

Earlier this month, a similar incident was reported from Wisconsin where an attendant at a jewellery ran after a burglar after his failed attempt at robbing the store. The unidentified burglar was caught on cam trying to break the glass panel covering the valuable objects. He tries to smash a heavy rock on the glass pane repeatedly, but fails to break it open. Meanwhile, the a female store attendant sees the man trying to rob and runs after him with a metal pole.


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