In a shocking incident caught on cam, an Ujjain college professor beat the principal of college in his cabin. The professor was later booked for assault and intimidation thanks to his fit of rage and his actions that followed.

In the video gone viral, the professor can be first seen flinging things kept on the principal’s table. Soon, the principal also retaliates, and until a slew of college staffers don’t intervene, the two educators indulged in a dramatic brawl.

The principal has been identified as Dr Shekhar Medamwar while the professor has been identified as Bramhadeep Alune. The street-brawl like situation transpired at Ujjain’s Late Nagulal Malviya Government College at Ghattiya. The professor alleged that it was the principal who started misbehaving with him first while the principal claimed that the professor got angry for no reason and assaulted him.

The Facts of the Matter

School, colleges and universities are the bastions of education. They are intended to be safe spaces for students and staffers who can indulge in sharing and receiving wisdom. However, these bastions of learning often transform into a bastion of violence and harassment. We have all read news of teachers assaulting students and students harassing faculty members. However recently, a college principal and his assistant professor indulged in a free-for-all brawl. The entire incident was caught on the CCTV camera.

The incident was reported from Late Nagulal Malviya Government College, Ujjain. The accused, an assistant professor identified as Bramhadeep Alune, engaged in a heated argument with the principal Dr. Shekhar Medamwar. Soon the argument turned into a physical altercation with Alune flinging things from the table and Medamwar also retaliating.

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What Did the Video Show?

In the CCTV recorded footage, that is now making rounds of social media, the professor and the principal can be seen in a heated argument. The argument transforms into an altercation with both the sides hurling abuses and pointing fingers at each other.

Things soon escalate and the professor can be seen swinging his arm to take down the principal, who’s seated across the table. Although the principal backs off, his arm gets hit by the professor’s blow. In a fit of rage, the professor lets his impulse get the better of him and starts flinging things kept on the table at the principal.

The situation further escalates as both the parties get on their feet. The professor further pushes the principal to a wall and the principal is seen blocking the attack. Soon, some men rush from outside and intervene. They manage to make the professor take the seat.

The professor continues to point finger at the principal. The principal, taken aback from the attack, asks him to leave his room. However, the stubborn professor does not move from his chair.

Watch the Video Here:

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The Principal’s Take on the Incident

After the incident, the principal spoke to the media where he alleged that the professor goes on a long 5-km walk after he comes to the college. The principal further claimed that the college is short-staffed. He added that earlier on January 15, the college was turned into a vaccination center, and to discuss about the same, he had asked the professor in his cabin. However, when he tried talking, the principal alleged that the professor started to abuse and hit him.

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Professor Claims Principal Misbehaves with Staff

The professor meanwhile alleged that the principal often misbehaves with his staff. He claimed that during the principal’s tenure, there have been 3 people who have already taken a premature retirement. He alleged that when he was called by the principal, he went to him. However, the principal started to abuse him which led to a fight.

The principal was later booked under multiple sections of IPC including, Section 323 (Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt), Section 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation), and Section 294 (Punishment for obscene acts or words in public).


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