In a horrific incident caught on cam, popular vastu expert Chandrashekhar Guruji was recently stabbed to death in a private hotel in Karnataka. The incident was reported from Hubballi district and occurred earlier on Tuesday afternoon.

According to reports, the renowned vastu expert had come to the district to attend a ceremony that was held after the demise of a child in his family. Following the incident, the police were able to arrest the two accused involved in the matter. The accused were identified as Mahantesh Shirur and Manjunath Marewad, residents Dhumwad, Dharwad district.

Hair-raising CCTV footage of the incident showed two accused appearing as devotees of the victim. Chandrashekhar Guruji (real name Chandrashekhar Angadi) is seen approaching them in the hotel’s lobby.

As the vastu proponent sits on the chair, one of the accused comes closer on the pretext of touching his feet. Within a fraction of section matters escalate as the other accused starts to stab him repeatedly with a knife. The knife was concealed in a white cloth all the time. Meanwhile, several onlookers try to approach but back off as the accused point their weapon at them.

While the accused fled the spot, they were later arrested thanks to the CCTV footages that showed their faces. Meanwhile, the victim was rushed to the hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.

The Facts of the Matter

On July 5, renowned vastu expert Chandrashekhar Angadi, also popularly known as Chandrashekhar Guruji, met his untimely demise after being attacked by two assailants who stabbed him to death. The incident was reported from Hubbali district, Karnataka, where the victim had gone to attend a ceremony following the demise of a child in his family.

The horrific murder reportedly took place sometime around 12.23 pm and was captured by CCTV camera, visuals of which are making rounds of social media. The entire horrific ordeal lasted for over a minute.

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What Does the Video Show (Reader’s Discretion)

In the video, two men can be seen sitting in the lobby of a private hotel. In a few moments, the victim enters the frame and approaches them. Chandrashekhar Angadi takes a seat and settles down when one of the accused approaches him and gets closer to him on the pretext of touching his feet to seek blessings.

This is when the second accused gets up, pulls out a knife that was concealed in a white cloth all the while, and stabs the victim multiple times repeatedly. Horrified onlookers try to intervene, but are forced to back off as the accused threaten with the knife. According to reports, Chandrashekhar Angadi was stabbed as many as 60 times in the matter of less than a minute.

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Watch the Video Here (Viewer’s Discretion)

Accused Arrested

According to a TOI report, the two accused, both hailing from the same village, were arrested after their location was tracked based on their mobile phone. The accused, identified as Mahantesh Shirur and Manjunath Marewad, were arrested when they were leaving for Bangalkot. The accused had reportedly changed their clothes in a bid to not get caught as they fled.

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Cause of Murder Yet to be Ascertained

It should be noted that both the accused were reportedly the former employees of the victim. While the police have yet to ascertain the cause of the murder, they are interrogating the accused and have also detained the victim’s wife for questioning. Earlier several employees working in the victim’s firm had protested claiming that he had not paid salaries for a few months.


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