In a disturbing incident caught on CCTV, a woman in Bengaluru reportedly threw her 4-year-old mentally challenged daughter from 4th floor of her building. The horrific incident was reported from Bengaluru’s SR Nagar and occurred earlier on Thursday.

According to reports, the mother of the deceased child was identified as Sushma Bharadwaj. The accused woman is a dentist by profession while her husband is a software engineer.

Disturbing visuals going viral on social media shows, the accused not sparing any empathy for her child and throwing her from the fourth floor of the residential building. Shockingly enough, the woman throws the child with a force, and doesn’t flinch at her actions.

The woman can then be seen pulling herself over the ledge and standing on the edge of the iron railings. As she contemplates jumping down and meeting the same fate as her daughter, some neighbours spot her and hold her. The neighbours are seen making sure the woman steps down of the ledge.

Preliminary investigation by the police has suggested that the deceased child, Dhruti, was mentally challenged and also suffered with speech impairment. Meanwhile, her mother, Sushma, lived with her in Bengaluru’s Srinivas Colony in Sampangiramanagar.

According to a Telangana Today report, the accused mother had earlier tried to abandon her daughter at a railway station.

The Facts of the Matter

Any person born with disability – either physical or mental, or both – requires certain kind of attention from their guardians, family, and friends. However, what’s more important is they are accepted and acknowledged by their parents.

Recently, a woman in Bengaluru took the heartbreaking and blood-curdling step of murdering her 4-year-old mentally challenged daughter

While one would think that such actions are taken by parents or guardians who are perhaps uneducated, the accused woman in question belongs to medical fraternity herself, and is a doctor by profession.

The spine-chilling incident was caught on CCTV, distressing visuals of which are going viral on social media.

What Does the Video Show?

The troubling video shows the accused mother holding her four-year-old daughter in the air and throwing her from the 4th floor of her residential building. Shockingly enough, not only does the accused woman not flinch, but she is also seen forcefully dropping her daughter from the tragic height.

In a few moments, the accused woman herself climbs the ledge and stands on the edge of iron railing. As she contemplates on jumping and taking her own life, she is spotted by some neighbours.

The neighbours rush towards her and make sure she doesn’t successfully jump, and injure or kill herself in the process.

Watch the Video Here (Disturbing Visuals, Discretion Advised):

Had Abandoned Daughter At Railway Station Before

The accused, a dentist, considered her intellectually challenged daughter to be a hindrance to her career, Telangana Today reported. Based on the complaint of Kiran, the accused’s husband, Sushma was arrested later.

According to police, the accused had earlier tried to abandon her daughter at the railway station. Back then, when Kiran found out about her wife’s actions, immediately rushed to the railway station and rescued their daughter.

Similar Incident Reported from Mumbai

Earlier this year in June, a similar incident was reported from Mumbai where a mother killed her mentally challenged daughter. The accused, Shradha Suresh, reportedly strangled her 19-year-old daughter with a belt, and later tried to portray the entire ordeal as suicide. After getting arrested, the accused revealed that she was frustrated over the fact that she needs to take care of her daughter all the time.


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