In a spine-chilling incident that was caught on video, 2 women fell off 6300 ft. while they were taking a swing ride in Russia. However, it appeared that both the women cashed out all the luck they had accrued and miraculously survived the fall.

The video can instill a long-lasting phobia of heights and joy-rides into our readers and we appeal that they brace themselves before continuing this story.


Think of a topsy-turvy roller coaster for a second. On a conceptual level, rollercoasters have no reason to exist. People flock from different cities and plan holidays to then come to an amusement park where they have to line-up. They line-up for hours, to finally take a seat on a ride which makes them scream in nausea inducing terror.

Since ages, people have chased the feeling of coming inches close to death in a controlled environment. They take a roller coaster ride with proper safeguards, jump down a mountain with a harness, and feel the rush of coming close to the inevitable. But what happens when the controlled environment is not as safe as you may assume?

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Video starts and bizarreness begin


Bizarreness Begin | Image Credit: Uncle Random (Screengrab)

Two women in Russia got the answer to the question. The video surfaced on social media recently in which 2 women can be seen taking a swing ride. While, taking a swing ride for all intent and purposes is harmless, these women were taking the ride with the swing being placed right at the edge of a cliff.

People casually hanging out at cliff’s edge

In the first few seconds of the video, the viewers get a chance to acquaint themselves with the bizarreness and the riskiness of the whole ordeal. Several people seem to be casually hanging out near the edge of the cliff while a man is handling the task of pushing the swing.

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Swing picks up momentum, joyride turns death ride


Joyride Turns Death Ride | Image Credit: Uncle Random (Screengrab)

The first couple of sways were ordinary and nothing happens out of the ordinary. The women’s high-pitched voice can be heard distantly. However, it only takes a second or two for the entire situation to go disastrously wrong.

On the 43-second mark, one can hear the chains of the swing snap loudly and the 2 women can be seen falling off the cliff. Joyous high-pitched squeals of the women turned into alarming screams of dread. The video cuts right at the moment when the women fell off the swing and the man can be seen rushing for help.

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“What do we say to the God of Death? Not Today!”

Fortunately, and miraculously, both the women survived the fall with minor scratches and some injury. According to reports, there was a wooden platform beneath the cliff’s edge – an apparent safeguard for such instances. Both the women fell on the platform and sustained minor scratches.

Watch Video Here

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What the local newspaper is saying

The joyride – turned – death ride is at Sulak Canyon in Republic of Dagestan, a Republic of Russia. Local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda quoted a police official saying-

“The women got scared and sustained scratches, but neither of them suffered serious injuries. It is chilling to imagine what could have happened if they slipped when the swings were at a maximum height.”

Relevant Checks Being Conducted

Meanwhile, after the incident, the Dagestan’s Ministry of Tourism was reported claiming that the swing “did not meet safety standards because of which the women fell”. Reportedly, law enforcement agencies are “already conducting relevant checks to ensure that nothing threatens lives and health”.