In a horrific CCTV video footage gone viral, the widely dubbed ‘stoneman’ serial killer from MP can be seen killing one of his victims alive. The accused is a 19-year-old youth who was reportedly inspired by KGF and wanted to be famous. The accused was identified as Shiv Prasad.

After a spate of as many as five killings, which sent a wave of panic across the Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh, the teen was held by the police. The accused was arrested earlier on Friday morning in Bhopal after police traced his mobile phone that he had stolen from one of his victims.

The MP police arrested Shiv Prasad for the murder of the three security guards who were killed in less than a week. The police also stated that the accused confessed to have killed another security guard in Bhopal, and two other guards in past.

In one of the distressing and triggering CCTV footage clip, the accused can be seen sneaking towards one of his victims, and smashing his head with a marble stone. What makes the visual spine chilling is that the accused can be seen sitting next to the body for a while, before he flees the scene of crime.

The accused is a native of Kesali, Sagar and confessed to killing six security guards.

The Facts of the Matter

Days after the news of a ‘stoneman’ serial killer started making rounds of social media, residents of Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh took a breath of relief as the suspect was arrested earlier on Friday. For the unversed, the suspect, a resident of Sagar himself, killed multiple sleeping watchmen in Sagar district, triggering a wave of panic in the district.

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Suspect a Fan of KGF, was Planning to Kill Police Next

According to an NDTV report, the accused, identified as 19-year-old Shiv Prasad, a fan of blockbuster film KGF. He reportedly committed the crimes in the pursuit of becoming famous. The report also quoted a police officer claiming that the accused was planning to take out police men next.

The suspect was arrested based on CCTV footage and technical surveillance. One of the CCTV videos gone viral shows the accused committing the crime.

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What Does the Video Show?

The distressing CCTV footage shows the suspects wearing half-pants and a shirt, sneaking up behind his victim, and bashing his head with a heavy stone. The accused then casually sits next to the victim, and before long, flees from the scene of crime.

Watch the Video Here: (Trigger Warning: Blood, Gore)

How was MP ‘Stoneman’ Serial Killer Arrested

After the arrest, MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra spoke to the media, confirming that the accused was nabbed. Stating that nabbing the suspect was a difficult task, he congratulated the Sagar police. He added that the police chased the accused who was carrying the phone of one of his victims. Based on the phone’s location, the police were able to nab the accused.

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The Sagar “Stoneman” Killings

The suspect killed three security guards in less than 72 hours, and killed another in Bhopal earlier this week.

The killings started in May, where a watchman at a construction site was found murdered with his head bashed in. He then killed Kalyan Lodhi, a factory security guard, earlier on August 28. The next night, he killed a 60-year-old security guard outside an arts and commerce college.

There was also a brief cooling period between his first murder attempt, which he committed in Pune. His next murders were committed in Sagar, and one in Bhopal. The suspect confessed to have killed six security guards.


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