Famously known as the ‘Invisible House’, a property in Southern California, which is much loved by celebrities, has hit the market for a whopping $18 million. The creators of the Invisible House have put the 5,500-square foot estate and are seeking a measly sum of $18 million from someone who would like to have the quirky, uber-luxurious, hidden-in-plain sight property. The designers of the property are Chris Hanley and his wife Roberta.

So, what makes the house a unique prospect for A-listed buyers? The exterior of the home is composed completely of reflective glass, which means a person speeding in the car, would only see the reflections of the barren land, and a landscape of small mountains and large boulders where the house stands. The house is located in Joshua Tree, a rather vast protected area in California.

Giving an account of the inspiration that brought the “Invisible House” into a reality, Hanley said, “I just drew a rectangle on paper and said, ‘OK, we’ll build this’. I thought it could just be a monolithic, reflective, ultra-minimal thing.”

The house is sprawled over 5,500 square foot and is made in a three-bedroom, four-bathroom layout. The home features a prefab guest house, a 100-foot indoor “solar” pool. And it has been featured in Netflix’s The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.

The Facts of the Matter

For years, Joshua Tree has been the not-so-humble abode of many, many A-listed celebrities of US including Madonna, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and a slew of world-renowned athletes. Now, a unique property in Joshua Tree has been listed in the market, and the one who can shell out a massive sum of $18 million, can make the property their own.

Hidden in plain sight, the property called ‘Invisible House’, boasts an exterior made completely of reflective panels. Meaning, for someone making their way through to the area, the house will simply reflect the mountains, boulders, and scattered vegetation.

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Know More About ‘Invisible House’

The house is made 100 feet over the ground, and is set on 90 acres of land. With three large bedrooms, and four-bathrooms, the house also features a prefab guest house, a 100-feet large “solar” pool, and for the stickler, the furniture is included in the $18 million ask.


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‘Invisible House’ garnered a lot of public attention when it was featured in Netflix’s The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals, and has since been visited by Diplo, Demi Lovato, among other famous celebrities.

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How the Inspiration Struck the Creators?

Giving an account of the inspiration, the creator of the space, Chris Hanley was quoted by the WSJ saying, “I just drew a rectangle on paper and said, ‘OK, we’ll build this’. I thought it could just be a monolithic, reflective, ultra-minimal thing.”

Chris said that the ‘invisible house’ is supposed to make one feal like they are in a “large, floating space” with only a few wall partitions. As there’s no sign of water for several miles on either side, the house comes with an indoor pool, so that owners could make their own “ecosystem”.

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Took 6 Years, 1 Million to Create the ‘Invisible House’

One would be right to presume that the property took years of sweat and several hundred thousands of dollars in making. Chris said that the property was completed in six years, and a million dollars’ worth of money was spent in its creation. The creation was such, that it took a year only for the large glasses to be delivered.


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