In a “chhappar phaad ke” moment, a man from Uttar Pradesh, who went to withdraw a sum of Rs 100 was shocked to find out that he had a balance of Rs. 2.7 crores in his account.

The incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj district and the “lucky” man was identified as Bihari Lal, a daily wage labourer. Bihari Lal also asked a bank employee check the balance as many as three times and each time the balance came out to be the same.

It so happened that 45-year-old Kannauj resident Bihari Lal had gone to an ATM to withdraw a sum of Rs 100 from his Jan Dhan account from the Jan Seva Kendra. As he withdrew his desired some, he was shocked to receive a text message, which said that he had a balance of Rs. 2.7 crores in his bank account.

Scratching his eyes, and not believing his fate, he then reached out to a bank official to check his account balance. Even the bank official was surprised to find out that the balance was the same as shown in the message.

Unfortunately, Bihari Lal’s happiness fizzled as quickly as it had appeared. As he reached home, he found out that his account balance was Rs. 126.

The Facts of the Matter

Imagine standing in long line of ATM under scorching sun. You’re doing all kinds of mental-math to ascertain how you will manage expenses after withdrawing the amount you need to. You withdraw the sum and eventually find out that you have a balance worth of crores. Will you not be on top of the moon because of something like this?

Twist of Fate for UP Man

Something similar of sorts happened to 45-year-old Bihari Lal from Kannauj Uttar Pradesh. While he was out withdrawing a sum of Rs. 100, he found out that his account had a balance of Rs. 2.7 crores!

A daily-wage labourer from Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, Bihari Lal had gone to the nearby Jan Seva Kendra to withdraw a sum of Rs. 100 from his Jan Dhan account.

Daily Wage Labourer Finds Out Having Rs. 2.7 Crores

As he withdrew the desired sum, he was flabbergasted on receiving an SMS which told him that the remaining balance of his account was Rs. 2.7 crores.

Not believing his luck and the twist of fate, he asked a bank official to check the account. The bank official checked the account thrice and the results showed the same amount each time. Further, the bank official also found out that the money against his name was in the official bank records.

Balloon of Happiness Burst

Like anyone would be, Bihari Lal was over the moon with his new finding. However, his happiness was short-lived to say the least. As he reached his home, he received another information. Someone must have used a sharp pin to pop the balloon of his happiness as he found out his account balance was Rs. 126.

“Can be banking error”: Senior Official

Later, Abhishek Sinha, a district manager of the bank told media that Bihari Lal’s account was under investigation. “It could apparently be a banking error. The account of Bihar Lal has been seized for a while and the matter has been brought to the knowledge of senior bank officials,” he said, as quoted by India Times report.


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