In a heartwarming incident being reported from Chennai, a bank manager on foot cleared road for 3 ambulances amid heavy traffic and rainfall. The man reportedly cleared the traffic for about 4 km while walking briskly on his foot. A part of his good-natured act was recorded by an ambulance driver and was later shared on social media. Since being shared, the man has been winning hearts of netizens who are lauding him for his selfless act. The ambulances were reportedly stuck due to the sudden and incessant rainfall that took many Chennai citizens by surprise.

The Facts of the Matter

Remember the Hyderabad traffic cop that was lauded for running for over 2 kilometers to keep clearing way for an ambulance? Well, a similar incident was reported from Chennai where a good-natured bank manager did something similar. Only this time the bank manager’s assistance helped not just one or two ambulances, but three ambulances.

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Incessant Rainfall Halts Traffic, 3 Ambulances Stuck

On December 30, 2021, Chennai received incessant rainfall which led to several parts of the city being waterlogged. As a natural consequence of such rainfall, the city’s life was halted and one of the direct implications of the same, was seen on the roads. Due to the rainfall, the city’s traffic was badly affected with miles-sprawling jams being reported from multiple regions.

At the Anna Salai road, a massive gridlock had already formed. In the long crawling jam stood three ambulances that were on their way to the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital. All three ambulances were ferrying patients in serious conditions. However, due to the traffic jam, they were not seeing the a good end to their journey.

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Mr. Jinnah Became the Hero for the Day

Like a hero without a cape, a man identified as Jinnah took notice of the situation. He immediately parked his bike someplace safe and started to run ahead of the ambulance. Directing other vehicles and their drivers, Mr. Jinnah walked for almost 4 kilometers and helped the three ambulances.

Thankfully, Mr. Jinnah’s efforts did not go in vain and the ambulances reached the hospital in time. After their long and stressful journey, the driver of one of the ambulances also took a selfie with Mr. Jinnah. The video of Mr. Jinnah’s efforts was shared by ambulance driver Polimer News.

Watch Video Here:

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Netizens React to Chennai Man’s Selfless Deed

The netizens reacted positively to Mr. Jinnah’s selfless deed. While some called him a hero, others acknowledged his efforts with emojis.

“Yesterday’s rains at Chennai took everyone by surprise and massive traffic jam was seen everywhere. The sudden flooding even halted traffic in many places too. Here is an unidentified bank executive regulating traffic to make way for an ambulance,” wrote a netizen.

“The Hero. This man was clearing traffic for 4 KM for the ambulance to do during the recent Chennai traffic,” another netizen wrote while sharing the video.

Similar Heartwarming Incident Happened Earlier in 2020

Back in November 2020, a Hyderabad cop received attention for all the right reasons for being selfless along the same lines as Mr. Jinnah. The Hyderabad cop was identified the traffic cop as Mr. G. Babji. Reportedly, the traffic cop ran through heavy traffic on the streets of Hyderabad to make way for an ambulance that was carrying a patient in critical condition.


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