In a first for the country, a Chennai couple who met through Instagram, are set to host a Hogwarts-style reception in Metaverse. The Potterhead couple are identified as Dinesh SP and his fiancé Janaganandhini Ramaswamy. Interestingly, as it is a Metaverse, Ramaswamy’s father who had earlier passed away due to COVID-19, will also participate in the wedding. A 3D virtual avatar of her father will attend the wedding, and will give the couple some wonderful moments to cherish in future. According to reports, Dinesh is a blockchain expert who is tenured at IIT Madras as Project Associate and his fiancé is a software developer.

For the unversed, the word ‘Metaverse’ simply put is a digital space where real world people’s digital selves are present. These avatars can try and buy products, play games, and in the Chennai couple’s case, host a wedding reception.

The Facts of the Matter

For Potterheads across the world, Hogwarts, the castle where the wisdom of wizardry was imparted to students, including Harry Potter and his gang of friends, remains as ‘the place to be’. To no one’s shock, when Harry Potter franchise blew up, Hogwarts, and places such as Diagon Alley, Platform 9 ¾ were the most sought-after places. For millions of Harry Potter fans, living, playing, and even marrying at Hogwarts Castle was a dream that would probably never come true.

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Meet Dinesh SP and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy

However, a Chennai couple, thanks to Metaverse, will be living the dream of marrying at the Hogwarts castle. Reportedly, Dinesh SP and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy will be tying a knot on February 6. The couple, who met through Instagram once, will be hosting their wedding reception a day after at the Hogwarts dining room. Interestingly, the couple’s friends and family will be digital avatars who will celebrate the union in the Metaverse.

Best Way to Hold a Reception During Pandemic

Citing how coming together in numbers during a pandemic can cause a lot of problem, Dinesh was quoted in an India Today report saying, “I have planned to conduct my reception in Metaverse, so it’s going to be the first metaverse marriage ASIA (India would like to give the metaverse experience to all. And moreover, in this pandemic time, social distancing and overcrowding can be avoided via a metaverse.”

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The Metaverse Will be Built On Polygon Blockchain

A blockchain expert who works at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras as a Project Associate, Dinesh claimed that he collaborated with a Chennai based startup TardiVerse for his ‘project’. The entire wedding reception project is developed on the Polygon technology based on which the Metaverse was created.

TardiVerse’s founder Vignesh Selvaraj was quoted in a TOI report saying, “Metaverse is the future, so we were working on creating a virtual world, Tardiverse, where people can come play and spend time. So, when Dinesh approached us, we were excited about hosting a Metaverse reception.”

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Bride’s Father To Have ‘Afterlife’ Avatar

In the Metaverse wedding, the couple’s friends and family will be present as realistic 3D avatar. Moreover, the bride’s father, who passed away earlier, will also be present as an avatar., “I am so happy that my father’s virtual avatar will be there for my wedding even though he won’t be there physically. I was shattered when he passed away, but now Dinesh is bringing him back virtually for us, she was quoted in an India Report saying.

In a Business Today report, Dinesh was quoted saying, “My fiancé’s father passed away last April. We created a realistic 3d virtual avatar in metaverse [for him] to attend our marriage function. It would be a new way of the afterlife in the metaverse, and I hope it would be a great event in the metaverse for first timers in India.”


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