In a surprising turn-of-events reported from Chennai, a drunk man reportedly made a hoax bomb-on-plane call to stop his family from leaving India, India Today reported. The drunk man wanted to stop his family from traveling out of India and took the drastic decision of making a hoax bomb threat call to a Dubai-bound plane. After the entire ordeal, the man was held for his actions.

According to reports, two of the Chennai-based man’s family were flying to Dubai. In order to have them stay back, he made a hoax bomb-on-plane call to the police control room. The call triggered security agencies go for a complete thorough search inside the private airline carrier airplane. The plane was supposed to depart from Chennai to Dubai and was scheduled to depart on 7.20 am on Saturday.

After a thorough and multi-level security check, it was established that there were no explosive devices in the flight. Meanwhile, due to delay, the flight will now depart for its destination later on Saturday. All 180 passengers and the crew members of the IndiGo flight were provided with accommodation.

Meanwhile, the police were able to trace the phone call to a man who took the drastic step to stop his family from leaving to Dubai.

The Facts of the Matter

How far can one go to stop their family leave to one place?

A man in Chennai showed his true desperation, when he made a fake bomb-on-plane call to make sure his family couldn’t leave for Dubai. While the airplane is scheduled to depart sometime later on Saturday, the man was held for his bold yet foolish step.

Security Agencies Thrown in Tizzy Over Hoax Call

According to reports, an IndiGo airplane, with 180 passengers aboard, was scheduled to fly from Chennai to Dubai earlier on 7.20 am on Saturday. However, the security agencies and flight crew were thrown in tizzy after a man made a bomb-on-plane call.

Reportedly, a person had called the police control room and had claimed that a bomb was aboard the Dubai-bound IndiGo airplane. Reacting to the phone call, the security agencies conducted a multi-level, thorough, full-scale search inside the Indigo flight.

No Explosives Found, Police Trace Caller

However, to their relief, no such explosive devices were found by the security personnel. The call and the subsequent security checks resulted in the flight getting delayed.

Meanwhile, after it was ascertained that the call was a hoax, the police started to look for the man who made the false call. Soon, the caller was traced and the accused in question was held by the police.

Flight Gets Delayed, Accused Held

During questioning, it was revealed that the two of the man’s family members were scheduled to leave for Delhi. As he wanted them to stay back, he made the drastic call, and eventually got held by police.

According to a Press Trust of India report, the flight will depart to Dubai later today. The 180 passengers, who were inconvenienced due to the entire ordeal, have been provided with accommodation.

PUBG Addict Boy Makes Hoax Bomb Call

Earlier in April, a similar incident was reported from Bengaluru, where a PUBG addicted 12-year-old boy made a hoax bomb call to railway station, just so he could continue playing the game with his friend. According to reports, the 12-year-old wanted to make sure his classmate didn’t depart and could continue playing PUBG with him.

Reportedly, the boy’s friend was scheduled to depart the station by the Kacheguda Express. However, due to the boy’s fake call, several trains got delayed by 90 minutes.


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