In a horrific incident reported from Chennai, an 11-year-old boy who was play-acting suicide with his brother, accidentally hanged himself as the noose of the rope tightened around his neck. The incident was reported from Puzhal area in Chennai and occurred earlier on Saturday evening. The deceased was identified as 11-year-old J Karthik, a Class 7 student, and the brother was identified as 13-year-old Ramsaran.

According to elder brother Ramsaran’s version of the events, the two brothers were playing out a “drama” where one of them would play-act trying to commit a suicide and other brother would come and rescue. Further, 11-year-old Karthik said that he has watched several dramas on TV, and expressed his wish to play-act the suicide attempt.

Karthik subsequently looked himself in a room while his elder brother watched him tie a rope around his neck. Karthik was standing on a stool when somehow, he lost balance and the stool fell from beneath his feet. Meanwhile, the noose around Karthik tightened, and Ramsaran shrieked and screamed for help witnessing the entire ordeal.

He rushed to the neighbour’s house and called for help. The neighbours broke open Karthik’s neck and he was rushed to hospital.

As per reports, the brothers’ mother was at a garment store where she works when the incident took place.

The Facts of the Matter

Television can often have profound effects on watchers. Especially to young viewers who are more vulnerable to picking up ideas that can be detrimental to them and those around them. Recently, a 11-year-old boy in Chennai enacted a suicide scene with his brother, and accidentally hanged himself. The heartbreaking incident was reported from Chennai’s Puzhal and occurred earlier on Saturday.

The deceased was identified as J Karthik, a class 7 student who lived with his mother Amudha and his 13-year-old brother Ramsaran in Puzhal’s Kamarajar Nagar. The deceased was inspired by TV dramas, and hence went ahead with play-acting the “suicide scene” with his 13-year-old brother.

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Brothers Decide to Enact ‘Suicide Scene’

Based on statement of 13-year-old Ramsaran, the police mentioned that the boys decided to play-act a television drama which would include a “suicide scene”. The scene entailed one brother tying a noose around his neck while other coming just in time and rescuing him.

Karthik told his 13-year-old brother that he had watched the scene in several dramas on TV, and expressed his wish to hang himself. Accordingly, he locked himself in a room as Ramsaran watched his brother through the window outside the room. Little did 13-year-old Ramsaran knew the horrors awaiting him.

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The ‘Drama’ Before the True Horror

11-year-old J Karthik took his place on a stool and tied a nylon rope around his neck. He tied one other end of the rope to a ceiling. As he was continued play-acting the suicide “scene” somehow, he lost his balance and the stool beneath his feet slipped and fell. The noose around his neck tightened and the little boy was left gasping for air.

Neighbour’s Attempt Feeble Attempt at Rescue

Meanwhile, Karthik’s brother Ramsaran screamed for help as he stood by the window seeing his brother struggle. He tried to break open the door which was locked from the inside and failed. He rushed to his neighbour’s place and asked them for help.

The neighbours rushed to the place and found Karthik hanging from the ceiling. They loosened the rope around the neck and rushed to a hospital where doctors declared him dead on arrival.

His body was sent for postmortem as per the protocol.

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Brothers Lost Father Few Years Back

A case of accidental death was registered by the police. The two boy’s mother was the sole-bread winner for the family after her husband died a few years back. She had managed to get a small house constructed and had moved two months ago with Karthik and Ramsaran.


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