In Chennai, a man devoured down Rs. 1.45 lakhs worth of jewellery with Biryani during an Eid feast and eventually bananas were used to ‘retrieve’ the jewellery back. The incident was reported from Chennai’s Saligramam. The incident was brought to fore when a woman, who works at a jewellery store invited her store manager and her boyfriend to a Diwali feast.

During the feast, the 32-year-old boyfriend of manager got drunk, and in a drunken haze, gobbled the biryani prepared for the feast, along with some jewellery of the hostess. After the couple left, the hostess realized a diamond necklace, a pendant and a gold chain went missing. She filed a complaint at the local police station.

The police immediately called the complainant’s manager and her boyfriend. The man was made to undergo some tests, and the objects were found to be inside the man’s system. According to a Times Now report, the police gave the man some bananas as an enema to retrieve the swallowed objects. The swallowed jewellery was finally retrieved, following which the complainant withdrew her report.

The Facts of the Matter

You may have been drunk, but have you ever been “swallowing 1.45 lakhs of jewellery with biryani” drunk? A man from Chennai can did just the same in a case which involved biryani, jewellery , police station, and enema.

The incident was reported from Saligramam, Chennai. According to reports, Meena (name changed), who works at a jewellery store, invited her store manager and her boyfriend Imran (name changed) for an Eid feast. Both Meena and Imran are reported to be divorced separately and in a relationship with each other.

Woman Realizes Jewellery Gone Missing

After the couple left the Eid feast, Meena realized that her diamond necklace, pendant, and gold chain were missing. Meena asked her store manager and the boyfriend whether they saw the jewellery . However, the couple denied seeing anything.

Suspicious on the lack of evidences, Meena took to the police station and filed a complaint. In her complaint, Seema alleged that Imran had locked himself up in a room where the jewellery was kept.

Police Interrogates Eid Feast Guests

Based on the complaint, the police interrogated the store manager and her boyfriend. During the interrogation, Imran confessed that he had indeed swallowed the jewellery. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and the tests following the confession confirmed that the missing objects were indeed in his system.

Bananas Come to Rescue

The relevant authorities then gave Imran some bananas as an enema to retrieve the swallowed objects. Imran finally excreted the objects out of his system and Meena was given her missing jewellery back. Imran told the authorities that he swallowed the jewellery under the influence of alcohol.

Complaint Withdrawn

Meena withdrew her complaint and the police let Imran go with a warning. According to a TOI report, Imran comes from a decent background and had lived in Dubai till 2020 and came back to India following the COVID-19 pandemic.


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