In a blood-curdling incident reported from Chennai, a mother let her lover rape her daughter and made her deliver the baby at home in hiding. Following the incident, the 38-year-old woman and her 50-year-old lover were arrested by the police. According to reports, the victim dropped out from class XI earlier last year when she discovered she was pregnant with the child of her mother’s lover who raped her.

According to reports, the 38-year-old woman is a daily wage worker and was in an affair with the 50-year-old man. During their relationship, the man expressed his desire to marry the woman’s daughter. For an unreported period, the man raped the girl whose mother was aware of the man’s actions.

After the girl discovered she was pregnant, her mother discontinued her school. Over the course of the girl’s pregnancy, her mother made sure that no one suspects the fact that she is pregnant, and went as far as confining her to their home. Later, the girl delivered the baby in a bathroom at the home she was confined in.

The incident was brought to the fore after the 13-day child of the girl fell ill and the duo had to rush to a health center.

The Facts of the Matter

In the aftermath of subjecting a girl to sexual harassment for an unreported period, the girl’s mother and mother’s lover were arrested. The mother and her lover were arrested after the woman let her lover rape her daughter for an unreported period. The incident was brought to the authority’s notice after the girl delivered a baby which was rushed to hospital after falling ill.

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Woman’s Lover Wanted to Marry Her Daughter, Rapes Her

According to reports, the 38-year-old woman works as a daily wage labourer and is a widow. She got into an affair with a 50-year-old man. After the duo got into a relationship, the man told the woman about wanting to marry her daughter. The widowed woman let her lover rape her daughter over a period and didn’t stop the horrific ordeal even after knowledge of the same.

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Victim Becomes Pregnant, Mother Confines Her to Avoid Suspicion

The victim, who was in XI class, soon became pregnant and her mother discontinued her schooling. Her mother also married her off to the man who raped her with the mother’s knowledge. To make sure that no one suspects that the girl had gotten pregnant, the woman kept bringing medicines and confined her in the house.

Girl Forced to Deliver Baby in Bathroom

Earlier on May 1, the girl pregnant with the child of man who raped her started complaining of labour pain. Instead of taking the girl to a primary health care center or a nursing home, her mother helped her deliver the baby in the bathroom of the house she was confined in.

It was only after the 13-day-old child of the girl fell ill that the woman rushed to the primary health care center with the baby. At the health center, the staff demanded the child’s birth record and about the child’s mother.

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How Authorities Found Out About the Matter

The authorities came to know about the horrific ordeal when the mother submitted the Aadhaar card of the girl at the center where it was reported that the girl was a minor. A case against the mother and mother’s lover was filed under the POCSO Act and the two were held.

POCSO Cases Rose Doubly in 2021 from 2020

It should be noted that cases under the POCSO Act, 2012 doubled in Chennai in 2021 when compared against the numbers of 2020. Further, crimes against women and children in general also increased during the same period. According to data, 239 POCSO cases were reported in Chennai in 2020 which increased to an alarming 435 in 2021.


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