In a heartwarming development, Chennai startup Neomotion have created a wheelchair that transforms into an electric vehicle with one push of a lever. In a nation that’s gradually turning its head towards all-things electronic, Neomotion is already making giant leaps into making a small step of a physically challenged individual more pronounced and easier.


According to an analytical study on accessibility for persons with disability in India, the number of people with a disability are 80 million. Meanwhile, according to a 2016 study, only 3% of Indian buildings were accessibility friendly. In a world where physically challenged individuals are protected by the law the same way as any other individual, and are provided with the same opportunities, such low numbers of accessible friendly places are tragic.

Thankfully, some new age startups are already making efforts to bridge the gap between equality in opportunity and equality in outcome. Neomotion, a Chennai based startup is doing the same, and has created a brilliant piece of tech – a wheelchair that transforms itself into an electric vehicle.

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NeoBolt – The Magical Tech That Transforms into Wheelchair

NeoMotion – a startup with the vision to empower the physically challenged have come up with NeoBolt, a customizable wheelchair that turns into an electric vehicle. Swostik Sourav Dash, the founder of NeoMotion describes the tech as-

“battery-powered clip-on device that converts NeoFly into a safe, roadworthy electric vehicle. It eliminates the process of the user transferring into other vehicles. Instead, it can be independently attached by the user within seconds, using their hands.”

In a nutshell, NeoBolt is a battery-powered clip-on device that converts NeoMotion’s wheelchair NeoFly into a tested electric vehicle. With just one attachment, a person can convert their wheelchair into an electric vehicle.

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Paralympic Swimmer Shares His Testimonial

The success of the technology was given as a testimonial to YourStory. The website shared the account of India’s Paralympic swimmer and rifle shooter, Justin Jesudas. Justin started using both NeoFly and NeoBolt as he wanted what all of us do – hassle free independent traveling.

In his retelling, Justin said-

“Although I have a modified car to help me move around the city, it is not convenient when I have to go to the grocery store at the end of my lane, or my parent’s home which is a few streets away. It would take me 15 minutes to get into the car and load my wheelchair.”

He further added-

“With NeoBolt, within a few minutes, I can just fix the device myself and carry on with work. The wheels are of high quality which helps me navigate on bad roads, and the two wheels in front help the wheelchair climb over uneven surfaces with ease. The device is not only customized according to your physical dimensions but also based on your medical conditions.”

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The Journey of NeoMotion

NeoMotion was co-founded by Swostik Dash, an IIT-Madras graduate. In 2015, he and his peer Vivek created a standing wheelchair and took it to the road across 40+ places across the country. The co-founders interacted with wheelchair bound physically challenged people to understand what they felt about their product.

Swostik claimed that during these interactions, they got to know about the “mediocrity of products” that were used for both indoor and outdoor navigation. Since its founding, the startup has won the award for “Design: Impact Awards for Social Change”, by the Tata Trusts. They have also received grants from IIT-M’s incubation cell.