In a terrible tragedy coming from Chennai, a techie on motorbike died on the spot after a pothole disbalanced him and bus ran him over. The incident was reported on November 1 at around 8.45 AM at the Chinnamalai area’s Anna Salai road in Chennai.

The horrible accident was caught on CCTV camera which showed the techie couldn’t balance his bike after running over a pothole on the street. In the corner of the CCTV footage’s frame, one can see the remnant of the fallen bike.

The victim of the accident was identified as one Mohammad Yunus (32). After the accident, the driver of the bus under which the techie came, was arrested under IPC and Motor Vehicle Act’s different charges.


Chennai is known for several things such as its tourism industry and tech hubs. In 2015, the Tamil Nadu capital was the 43rd most visited city in the world. It’s position improved further in 2019 as it became the 36th most visited city in the world.

However, on the sprawling highways, several fatal and non-fatal accidents have given the city a difficult challenge. The city has reported the most number of accidents in India since 2013. According to the National Crime Record Bureau’s report regarding Accidental Deaths and Suicide, Chennai accounted for 9.2% of the total accidents in country. Chennai led populated cities such as Delhi and Bengaluru which recorded the second and third-highest accidents.

In terms of fatal accidents, Chennai reported 872 fatalities which amounted to 7.6% of the total accidents and trailed behind Delhi which had 1,151 accidental deaths, amounting to 10.1% of total deaths.

Recently, the city registered another horrific accident in which a techie died.

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The Facts of the Matter

A 32-year-old techie from Chennai became the recent victim of a terrible accident caused due to pothole. The accident happened on November 1 at around 8.45 am at the Saidapet’s Anna Salai road. The victim was identified as Mohammad Yunus. Yunus reportedly found himself disbalanced due to a pothole on a major street in Chennai. Unfortunately, due to twist of fate, the man was instantly run over by a bus that was traveling on the same street.

What Do the CCTV Footage Show?

According to the CCTV footage, the biker lost his balanced and somehow veered towards a bus that was keeping to the left side of the road. As the techie’s bike skid, the bus had no time to pull brakes and he was caught under the rear wheel of the bus. Even though the techie was wearing a helmet, he died on the spot.

As soon as the accident happened, the local traffic police rushed to the spot. A TNM report claimed that the CCTV footage of the accident was sent for further investigation and was first investigated by the Traffic Investigation Division.

Watch the Video Here:

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Bus Driver Arrested Despite Pothole Causing Accident

After the accident, the bus driver was arrested. The bus driver was driving the city bus which was travelling from Chennai Besant Nagar to Vadapalani. The government city bus driver was arrested under multiple sections of IPC such as causing death due to negligence and under provisions of Motor Vehicle Act for rash driving.

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Body Sent to Postmortem, Identified as Software Engineer

Meanwhile, the techie’s body was sent to the Chennai’s government hospital for further postmortem. Preliminary reports are claiming that the 32-year-old man worked as a software engineer at a software company.

Interestingly enough, after the accident the State Highway Department came up with a temporary solution. The Highway Department filled the pothole according to a tweet going viral after the techie died.