Popular Chennai YouTuber Madan & his wife are arrested after the former was accused of obscene talk against women and minor in PUBG. While Madan’s wife Krithiga was arrested a couple of days ago, Madan had gone absconding. Later, on Friday, the Chennai Police arrested Madan who was hiding in Dharampuri.

Who is Madan? Why was he arrested?


Madan’s Youtube Channel

Madan is a YouTuber who runs a channel with the same name. The YouTuber majorly streams PUBG online and also streams cult favorite games including as GTA. Madan’s last stream was 6 days ago where he streamed Grand Theft Auto 5. His last stream garnered an overall viewing of 1.1 million so far. With 776K subscribers on YouTube and over 262K followers on Instagram, Madan enjoys cult following.

Although a lot of small and big streamers stream playing games, Madan was notorious for his obscene and problematic commentary on women while he played the banned game PUBG. During the COVID-19 induced lockdown, many young teens and children, who liked playing PUBG were attracted to Madan’s channel. Due to the fact that he used obscene words against women and minors, his channel got popularity. According to reports, most of his followers are minors.

Due to this, complaints were launched against Madan and he was later arrested by the Chennai police.

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Who complained about Madan?

According to reports, a Vadapalani resident by the name of Abhishek Ravi filed a case against Madan. Later when the reports emerged about the incident, it was learnt that the Chennai police has received close to 160 complaints regarding obscene comments on women and minor. Further, the Tamil Nadu State Commission for Protection of Child Rights also received similar complaints against Madan.

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How was Madan arrested?

Before Madan was arrested, the Central Crime Branch’s cyber-crime wing arrested Madan’s wife Krithiga. Krithiga was reportedly the administrator of all the YouTube channels that Madan ran. She was arrested in Salem and was brought to Chennai. During the preliminary investigation, the police found mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets from their Chennai based home.

During the inquiry it was found that it was Krithiga on the other side of the call who Madan used obscene words on. This was the couple’s ploy to get traction and increase viewing.

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How did Madan earn?

Like most popular PUBG streamers on YouTube, Madan earns through both advertisements on his video after streams and through Super Chat during the streams. Supe Chat is user by commentators to directly send a message to the streamer. These super chats range from Rs. 100 to pre-decided amount. Further, Madan also offers a monthly payment subscription plan which gives benefits like access to private streams, custom emojis & getting access to members-only stream.

Madan’s membership ranges from Rs. 29 per month and goes up to Rs. 7,999 per month.

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What next?

As per the reports, Madan has been booked under Sections 509, (punishment against word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman), 294 (b) (punishment against singing, reciting or uttering obscene song, ballad or words) of the IPC. Further, he is also charged with appropriate sections of the IT Act.

The police is currently investigating who were other voices of that were heard during several of Madan’s obscene’s conversations. Earlier, Madan had moved to the Madras High Court and had filed an anticipatory bail plea. The HC however rejected the plea.