In a horrific incident reported from Chhattisgarh, at least 8 people gatecrashed a birthday party, thrashed a man who objected to their gatecrashing, and then threw him from the roof to his death. The incident was reported from Chhattisgarh’s Janjgir-Champa district and occurred earlier on the intervening night of August 31 and September 1.

According to reports, the victim, identified as Kamleshwar Dewangan, was reportedly attending his friend’s birthday party when two men turned up. The men, Kiran Sarathi and Manish Sarathi, were unknown to the group attending the birthday party. The group also included some women as well,

The two men, Kiran & Manish, gatecrashed the birthday party and started dancing. This was when Kamleshwar objected to their actions and asked them to leave. This proved to be a mistake as Kamleshwar and the gatecrashers got involved in a heated argument.

Matter escalated when Kiran and Manish called six of their friends to the spot. The eight accused reportedly thrashed the deceased, and when the accused tried to escape, they caught him and threw him down the roof. The victim died after being rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, Manish, Kiran and six others were arrested by the police, and further investigation is on in the matter.

The Facts of the Matter

Birthday parties are often seen as events filled with fun and folly. It’s a day when friends and family come together, celebrate the birthday of their favourite person, and leave the venue with a smile on their face. However, a birthday party in Chhattisgarh turned out to be a tragic affair due to some uninvited guests

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Party held at Dharmshala

24-year-old Kamleshwar Dewangan, was reportedly attending the birthday party of his friend Binni on the intervening night of August 31 and September 1. The birthday party was being held at Sri Krishna Tulsi Dharamshala.

The party, which was also attended by some women, continued and for a while, everything was going on without any hiccups. However, this was all to change in no time. What followed next was something no party guest would ever want to witness.

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Uninvited Guests Gatecrash, Start Dancing

Soon, two men, Kiran Sarathi and Manish Sarathi, whom nobody knew at the party, entered the venue and started dancing. The uninvited guests were dancing when Kamleshwar objected to them coming unannounced to the party.

Victim Objects, Thrashed for Objection

This triggered an argument between the two sides, and the two sides had an heated argument. Situation escalated further when Manish and Kiran called their six friends to the spot. The six people gatecrashed the birthday party, and started thrashing Kamleshwar.

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Victim Succumbs to Injury, 8 Booked

While Kamleshwar die try to escape from the roof and not receive any further beatings, he was caught by the accused group. They further thrashed him and threw him down the roof. The accused was rushed to a Bilaspur hospital, and ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

Meanwhile, the police booked Manish, Kiran and their six friends in the matter and further investigation is on. The accused men have been booked on the charge of murder.


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