‘High-voltage’ drama was reported from Chhattisgarh, where a man climbed an electricity tower after his wife refused to return from her parent’s home. The man, identified as Horilal Pardi, reportedly came to pick up his wife. However, when he found out that his father-in-law was refusing to send her back home, the man climbed a high-tension electricity tower, and threatened to jump from it if his wife refused to come with him.

Locals at Durg district were witness to the dramatic actions of 30-year-old Horilal Pardi climbing on top of the 120 ft high-tension electricity tower, and threatening to jump from the top. Reportedly, he had come to the Ganiyari village to pick up his wife. However, he was dismayed when his father-in-law refused to send his daughter back to Horilal Pardi.

After repeated failed attempts at convincing his father-in-law, Horilal decided to do what Veeru did in 1975 classic film Sholay. He started climbing up the high-tension tower. When he crossed the 70 feet mark, the locals presumed that he was serious, and alerted the police.

After six-hours of convincing and persuading, Horilal finally decided to climb down. According to reports, the man used to fight with his fight in the influence of alcohol, and hence, his wife had left him and had gone to her parent’s home.

The Facts of the Matter

1975 classic Bollywood film Sholay is known for its great acting, its hair-raising soundtrack, and gritty story. It’s also known for its monologues, and certain scenes. One of the most memorable scenes was that of Veeru, played by Dharmendra, climbing on a water tank, and threatening to take his life if Basanti (Hema Malini) doesn’t marry him.

Reality imitated fiction recently in Chhattisgarh where a man hailing from Bhilai, jumped a high-tension electricity tower, and threatened to kill himself after his wife refused to come to his home from her maternal home. The entire “high-voltage” drama was caught on video, visuals of which, are going viral.

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Horilal Visits Wife’s Maternal Home, Receives Shock

30-year-old Horilal Pardi, a native of Bhilai and resident of Raipur, had gone to  Ganiyari village to pick up his wife who had been staying at her maternal home. When he reached his in-laws’ place, they refused to send his wife back with him.

Horilal’s desperate attempts of persuading failed, and he decided to take a drastic step.

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Climbing 120-ft High-Tension Tower

A frustrated and adamant Horilal left his wife’s maternal home and started climbing a 120 feet tall high-tension electricity tower. After he climbed up to 70 feet, locals decided to not waste any more time and alerted the police.

Soon, police officers reached the spot to take a stock of the situation. Seeing Horilal on the electricity tower, they tried to convince him to come down. However, Horilal didn’t budge and threatened that if his wife doesn’t come back with him, he would jump from the electricity tower.

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Six Hours Later

The convincing and persuading went on for as many as six hours. Eventually, the police spoke to Horilal’s father-in-law, who agreed to send his daughter to him, and asked Horilal to come down from the tower.

Assured that his wife and his family were not bluffing, Horilal finally came down.

According to a Times Now report, Horilal was in the habit of picking up quarrels with his wife after drinking alcohol. Frustrated over his nature, his wife came to his maternal home. Hearing their daughter’s ordeal, the woman’s parents were also worried and of the opinion that she should not be sent back.


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