Arguably the biggest superpower in the world is currently wrecked by calamity. In the ongoing China floods mayhem, spine-chilling video footages of the Chinese Subway flooding have surfaced. The visuals are truly horrifying with people stuck neck deep in water, without reprise, calling for help. The footages may be visually disturbing to some of our readers, we suggest discretion ahead.


So far as many as twelve people have lost their lives after devastating rainfall battered China’s Henan province. The rainfall led to the railway tunnels in China get completely flooded, leaving several hundred trapped passengers calling for help.

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The Devastating Numbers

Meanwhile, so far more than 500 people have been found and rescued from the Henan province’s subway tunnels. The continued onslaught of the rain has led to widespread damages and over 2,00,000 people have been evacuated so far. While 12 people died in the subway floods, a total of 25 people have died in the Henan province.

Citizens become Journalists – Video Footages Shared

With the power of social media, citizens became citizen journalists and shared video footages of the entire mayhem. In the videos, citizens can be seen with their necks above the water while the water continued to flood the subway platforms. Other footages of roads turned into fast-flowing rivers are also making the rounds of internet. In those videos, debris of buildings, homes and cars can be seen flowing in the fast-flowing punishing water currents.

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Media Dubs Tragedy as “Horror on Line Five”

State-run social media platform Weibo showcased several people sharing videos – seemingly as their final testimony – of neck deep water inside the subway compartments. Later, the videos made their way into Twitter. The subway tunnel that witnessed the most devastation is called the ‘Line Five’ and media is now dubbing the event as “The Horror on Line Five”.

Watch The Videos Here (Discretion Advised)

One video shows a carriage being flooded with people stuck in the waters neck deep. The power too was out and lights flickered once in a while to give the entire situation a truly horrific spin.

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In another video footage, a person is holding their camera towards the glass-door of the subway compartment. While not much can be seen what’s happening inside, the video shows current of water right outside the glass-door and water flooding the compartment slowly.

In another video, an entire account of the flooding situation is captured. Multiple frames show rescue workers barely being able to help people, flood water rapidly turning the streets of the province into a water canal. The truly horrific part of the video was an interview where a citizen was quoted saying-

“The flood was too powerful and people got washed away. Among the several remaining people, another person and I almost wanted to give up because we didn’t have enough strength anymore”.

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A video footage shows an almost flooded subway compartment tilted slightly. In the compartment, debris of objects can be seen floating in the water.

A separate video, enough to restore faith in humanity, shows people amid the heavy rain and slowly increasing water on the street, sticking together.

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Another spine-chilling video shows a group of people coming together and pulling an almost drowning person out of the current of water through a rope tied to the person.