In a horrific incident reported from China, a groom was killed by a lightning strike while he posed for his pre-wedding photoshoot with his fiancée. The news of the incident spread like wildfire on social media, with many netizens joking that it was destiny that stopped him from getting married, while others claiming that the marriage was never meant to be.

The horrific incident was reported from China’s Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Yunan province and occurred earlier on August 24. The deceased, identified as Ruan by Chinese state-run media, was pronounced dead after he was rushed to the hospital with severe burn injuries due to the bolt of lightning.

It should be noted that the authorities had issued a yellow weather warning for the area, the third major warning after orange and red. Despite the warning, the couple and their entourage went ahead with the planned photoshoot.

It should be noted that the fiancée and other people involved in the photoshoot remained unhurt. Visuals taken right after the incident showed emergency personnel moving the man to stretcher as torrential rains fell incessantly in the area.

According to a Daily Mail report, as many as 4,000 people are killed or rendered injured due to lightning strike in China.

The Facts of the Matter

Tragedy struck at an otherwise happy occasion of a pre-wedding photoshoot in China when the groom-to-be was struck by a lightning and eventually succumbed to his burn injuries. The man, identified as Ruan, was with his fiance and photoshoot crew at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain earlier on August 24 when the incident happened.

According to reports, the couple, and their photoshoot crew, were at the Spruce Meadow in jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The Spruce Meadow encompasses within it a humongous lawn that has an elevation of 3,240 meters.

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Couple went Ahead with Shoot Despite Warning

Interestingly enough, the local authorities had issued a thunder and lightning yellow alert, which is the third most major alert in China’s four-level warning system. Despite the alert and the intensifying weather, the couple and the crew decided to go ahead with the planned shoot.

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Pictures Show Tragic Turn of Events

Unfortunately, as the groom posed for his pre-wedding shoot, he was struck by lightning. Pictures taken right after the unfortunate incident showed Ruan lying on a stretcher as emergency personnel wearing raincoats and holding umbrellas rush him to the hospital to save him.

While the locals did rush him to the nearest hospital, Ruan was pronounced dead. However, people standing close to him when the lightning struck, were reported to be unharmed.

“Loud peal of thunder”: Local Gives Account of Incident

A local spoke to the media and said that it had been raining since the entire noon that day and he heard a loud peal of thunder, which he assumed had come with the deadly lightning strike that killed the groom in question.

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Bangladesh Groom Injured Due to Lightning Strike on Wedding Day

Earlier in 2021, a similar incident was reported from Dhaka, Bangladesh, where a lightning strike ended up injuring a groom, and killing 16 others. The tragic twist of fate for the groom was such that he was injured by the lightning on the day of his marriage.

According to reports, the wedding party had left a boat on the riverside of a small town to take shelter from the looming thunderstorm. Before they could save themselves, a lightning struck, injuring the groom.


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