In China, hospital refused to treat a pregnant woman, and a cardiac patient under its human rights violating ‘zero COVID’ policy. The report comes at a time China has already raised brows around the world with news of putting hundreds and thousands of its citizens in metal boxes. These boxes are for women, children, elderly, everyone that the country is suspecting to be positive of COVID-19 virus. What’s interesting is that the government has employed millions of people, who are respecting the authoritarian way of tackling the pandemic, and letting hundreds and thousands of people suffer. From hospitals refusing COVID suspected cardiac patients, to a strict lockdown where citizens have no food, China’s way of dealing with the pandemic is simple – eliminate the virus, no matter what the human cost.

The Facts of the Matter

Imagine, millions of people, dying on streets and offices and homes due to a virus-resulting pandemic. While its truly an horrifying image, the image on the other side of the coin is equally horrifying. Imagine, millions of people forced into a lockdown, where a person is not given medical attention even if they are a suspect of being infected with the virus. With not enough rations, and no support by the government, people are now dying due to the inhumane way of handling with the pandemic.

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China’s ZERO-COVID Policy – Is it Borderline Inhumane?

The first image, was the scene of several countries, India included, during the second and first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The second image, is that of China, and very much the state the country is in currently. China’s Zero-COVID policy is simple, millions of people are put in a lockdown. Unlike much softer lockdowns, people are banned from leaving their buildings, and are constantly monitored by the authorities.

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Deaths, Thrashing, Widespread Hunger: Consequences of Policy

The consequences are such that now reports of deaths due to the strict regime have emerged. Earlier, in the northwest Xi’an, a woman, who was eight months pregnant, was turned down from hospital as her COVID test wasn’t valid. The woman lost her child. Similarly, a man suffering from cardiac issues took to hospital. But the hospital employees turned him away as he came from a medium-risk district.

Another harrowing report which stated that a young man complained that he had nothing to eat as deliveries were also banned. Instead of raising support, the security guards of the community beat him up and thrashed him brutally.

All this happened due to the quickfire way Xi’an government announced its strict lockdown. When the cases were on rise earlier in December 2021, the government imposed a strict lockdown where 13 millions of its residents were cooped up in their residences. The citizens were not prepared for the lack of food and medical attention they needed.

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How Humanity is Punished Under Strict Chinese Regime

What made the matters worse that whenever a faint glimmer of hope was extended, the authoritarian government announced strict punishment in response. When a doctor treated a patient carrying fever last year, he was given a 15-month prison imprisonment.

Similarly, a high-ranking official in Beijing’s government also lost his position after he published an article on the lockdown’s effects. Not only was his position taken away from him, the article he wrote was taken down and the State-run social media reported that the article had untruthful information.

It is no easy task for a country with billions of populations to manage a pandemic. India, the second most populous country after China suffered the harsh consequences of letting election rallies, religious congregations and other gatherings happen when COVID-19 was prevalent. But when the measures are turned up to its extreme, people are subjected to immense cruelty.

Either they suffer due to the virus, or the consequences of a harsh lockdown.


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