Zhoushan, the Chinese port-city ‘sky recently turned blood-red for hours and locals catching the sight were panicked in the fear of an armageddon. With COVID-19 pandemic, intense climate change, Russia-Ukraine conflict, and now the Zhoushan city’s sky turning blue, one may be forgiven for assuming the end of the world may be near.

But before you get too despondent, let us tell you that the sky in Zhoushan turned red because of simple phenomenon of light refraction, at least that’s what the state-owned media is claiming.

Citizens of Zhoushan were left panic-struck when they looked at the skies earlier last weekend. Some scratched their eyes in disbelief while others pulled out their phones to take pictures and videos of the strange and alarming sight. The sky above the port city turned blood-red, sparking concerns about a wildfire, or worse, an apocalyptic incident.

However, before the citizens could act impulsively and let their panic get better of them, the meteorological experts and media stated that the sky had turned red because of red lights refracting from local boats.

The red lights came from fishing boats, claimed the China Aquatic Products Zhoushan Marine Fisheries, which also had one of its boats in the water.

The Facts of the Matter

In 2020 and 2021, an infectious virus disrupted the entire world, caused a globe-wide pandemic, and took the lives of millions of people. In 2021, famous mystic predicted lethal virus emerging from Siberia and. In 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, and the world is currently under the looming threat of a nuclear winter.

Meanwhile, skies in China turned blood-red, and like many locals, world media speculated an apocalyptic phenomenon was triggered. However, what was thought of as an end-of-the-world-incident, quickly turned out to be a natural phenomenon involving light refraction.

Zhoushan Locals Left Awestruck

Earlier last weekend, locals from the Chinese port city of Zhoushan were awestruck when they stepped out of their homes. The skies above them were so red, that the entire landscape around their eyes was covered in red. Wherever the eyes could look to, the skies were red, and the feeling in the air was ominous, to say the least.

Locals Take Pictures, Videos of Blood-Red China Sky

Several locals had the most 21st century reaction to the incident and pulled out their phones. They captured pictures and videos of the shocking ordeal and shared it on the Chinese state-owned social media. Gradually over the weekend, the images and videos made their way to other social media platforms, including Twitter.

Catch Glimpse of Chinese Red Sky

Topic Trends, Panic Sets in Among Locals

The topic of red sky became one of the biggest trends on Sina Weibo, China’s own take on Twitter, with over 150 million views in no time. On Douyin, China’s own TikTok, several users claimed the red sky to be a bad omen. Others related the blood-red sky a reflection of China’s role in COVID-19 pandemic. Some users also prophesied that more accidents will happen while some claimed that they will start stock piling up crucial supplies.

Weather Department Says Light Refraction Caused Sky to Turn Red

Amid the rumours came some explanation by the Zhoushan Meteorological Bureau which issued a statement that read – “When weather conditions are good, more water in the atmosphere forms aerosols which refract and scatter the light of fishing boats and create the red sky seen by the public”.

The red light may have emerged due to fishing boat that was in the waters, stated China Aquatic Products Zhoushan Marine Fisheries. Meanwhile, some conspiracy theorists on online platforms stated that the matter from 2022 Tonga Volcanic Eruption, could have been the reason for the light refraction.


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