In a concerning development, China’s People Liberation’s Army abducted a 17-year-old boy from Arunachal Pradesh. A few hours after the incident was reported by a BJP MP, the Indian army was reported to have reached out to its Chinese counterpart. According to reports the minor boy, identified as Miram Taron, has been missing from Arunachal since January 18. It should be noted that the Army and the BJP MP Tapir Gao have used different approaches to confirm the news. While the BJP parliamentarian has claimed that the minor was abducted by PLA, the Indian Army has confirmed that the boy has been missing. The incident has once again sparked a row between the opposition and the ruling party, with the former calling out the latter’s silence.

The Facts of the Matter

On January 19, Lok Sabha member Tapir Gao alleged that China’s PLA (People’s Liberation Army) has abducted a minor identified as Miram Taron. Mr. Gao further alleged that the abducted boy’s friend had escaped the abduction attempt and reported the incident to the authorities. Tagging PM Modi, Indian Defenece Minister Rajnath Singh, and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Mr. Gao tweeted, “Chinese #PLA has abducted Sh Miram Taron, 17 years of Zidovill. yesterday 18th Jan 2022 from inside Indian territory, Lungta Jor area (China built 3-4 kms road inside India in 2018) under Siyungla area (Bishing village) of Upper Siang dist, Arunachal Pradesh.”

“His friend escaped from PLA and reported to the authorities. All the agencies of Govt of India is requested to step up for his early release,” he added another tweet.

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Boy Was Part of Hunting Group Frequenting LAC

According to reports, the boy went missing someplace near the Tsangpo River. The river enters India and takes the form of the Siang River when it flows through Arunachal Pradesh and transforms into the Brahmaputra River when flowing through Assam. Reportedly the boy was part of a hunting group that was known for frequenting isolated regions along the LAC.

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Indian Army Contacts PLA Through ‘Hotlines’

It should be noted that the Army has not confirmed nor denied that the boy was abducted. It has so far confirmed that the boy went missing earlier on January 17. Meanwhile, several reports are citing sources claiming the Indian Army is in touch with its Chinese counterpart through ‘hotlines’. The Army sources have confirmed that a response from PLA is awaited.

Moreover, sources are also being cited in reports claiming that the Indian Army “immediately contacted the PLA through established mechanism of hotline” when it received information of the boy going missing. It went on to inform the PLA that a person “was collecting herbs and hunting, has lost his way and cannot be found”.

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Congress Criticizes PM Modi, BJP

Meanwhile, the incident has sparked a new row where opposition leaders have questioned the silence by the ruling party on the matter. Congress top leader Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter and wrote, “Just a few days before Republic Day, a bhagyavidhaata (youth) of India is kidnapped by China – We are with the family of Miram Taron and will not lose hope, will not give up. PM’s cowardly silence is his statement – he doesn’t care!”

Similarly, Congress General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala retweeted BJP MP Tapir’s tweet and wrote, “How dare Chinese Army transgress into our territory again? How can GOI permit abduction of our citizens? How can GOI remain mum? Why is Govt not listening to the earnest appeal of its own M.P? Pl don’t say again – ‘koi nahi aaya hai, koi nahi uthhaya’ (nobody has come, nobody has been abducted)”, as quoted by Indian Express.


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