In a testament to Chinese malice, 1300 SIMs were smuggled to China in the span of 2 years by a Chinese national. These SIMs were used to commit frauds that are financial in nature. The information came after the BSF (Border Security Force) arrested the Chinese national and obtained information through interrogation.


A China resident by the name of Han Junwe was arrested by the Indian BSF when he was caught trying to enter the country by the India-Bangladesh border in Malda district. His arrest was after the arrested of another associate of his by the name of Sun Jiang. Jaing was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh police this year.

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Blue Notice issued on intruder

Earlier this year, during the interrogation by the UP Police, Jiang admitted that Han was an accomplice of his and after investigation, the UP police issued a Blue Notice on Han. According to the CBI-

“the B Notice or Blue Notice is called ‘enquiry notices’ and may be issued in order to have someone’s identity verified; to obtain particulars of a person’s criminal record; to locate someone who is missing or is an identified or unidentified international criminal or is wanted for a violation of ordinary criminal law and whose extradition may be requested.”

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Visa request rejected

After his arrest, Han told the interrogators that due to the fact that his request for visa was rejected after his associate’s arrest, he was left with no choice but to enter India via the Indo-Bangla or Indo-Nepal border.

Accused owned hotel on Indian soil, Employed Indians

As per the initial interrogation, the BSF obtained information from Han that he owns a hotel based in Gurugram and has come to India fore 4 times in the past 11 years (thrice in Gurugram and once in Hyderabad). According to the interrogators, the Chinese national employed staff of both Chinese and Indian nationals at his hotel.

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SIMs stuffed in undergarments to be smuggled later

So far, the preliminary interrogation suggests that the Chinese national smuggled SIM cards which were then used for malicious activities such as account hacks, financial frauds, etc. The DIG of South Bengal Frontier of BSF said that the accused’s statements will be verified and that it is still unclear how the accused were able to procure so many SIM cards. The interrogation revealed that Junwe and his associates used their undergarments to hide the SIMs and smuggle out.

For now, the case has been taken over by the West Bengal Police. Earlier, the accused were interrogated on Friday, June 11 by the team of Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) that reached Malda.

According to a BSF official involved in the case-

“It is here that the role of specialized agencies like the ATS and NIA comes into play. The electronic gadgets need to be scanned as a lot of information could be hidden in them.”

Plethora of electronic gadgets seized

Through thorough search by the BSF officials, the following items were seized from the accused: 1 laptop, 2 mobile phones, 1 Bangladeshi SIM card, 1 Indian SIM Card, 2 Chinese SIM cards, 2 pen-drives, 3 batteries, 2 torch, 5 transaction machines, 2 Master Card ATM Cards, Indian-US-Bangladeshi currency.