Prince Raj Paswan, cousin of Chirag Paswan has been accused of rape. Incidentally Chirag Paswan is also accused of delaying action against his cousin and protecting him. The report comes just a few months after a woman had alleged that Prince had raped her on the pretext of marriage. In the same month, Prince – along with 4 other Lok Janshakti Party leaders – were dismissed by Chirag Paswan for rebelling against party.


The Indian political landscape is riddled with leaders accused of multiple heinous crimes. While most parties are different in their values, and their opinions about their oppositions, there’s one common thread. These parties harbour leaders that have a history of crimes, and yet, contest in elections and take part in party activities.

Earlier in August this year, Supreme Court intervened in the matter and directed political parties to publish the criminal history of their candidates on their websites and other promotional avenues.

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The Facts of the Matter

On Tuesday, September 14, Lok Janshakti Party MP Prince Raj Paswan was reported to be booked under rape charges by the Delhi Police. It should be noted that Prince was booked almost 3 months after the complaint was made by the alleged survivor. According to the alleged survivor, Prince had raped her and blackmailed her. Moreover, the complainant has also accused Chirag Paswan of delaying action

According to the police, the case was registered on the direction of the court. Reportedly, the survivor complained that Prince sexually exploited her and blackmailed her. Incidentally, the complainant was an LJP woman leader herself.

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Prince Allegedly Sedated Survivor’s Water

The complainant accused Prince of sedating her drink, raping her and then subsequentally blackmailing her. The woman claimed that she met Prince in 2020 and then met her multiple times. In one such meeting, she claimed that Prince told her that he will bring a water bottle for her as she was thirsty.

After the woman had a glass of water from the bottle, she felt conscious. Upon regaining her consciousness, she found her head on Prince’s shoulder. When she inquired to Prince as to what had happened, he showed her a video he had recorded. “He was making physical relations with me and he ensured that his face is not be visible in the video. He proposed marriage to me and threatened me that he would put it [the video] online,” she said, as quoted in a News18 report.

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Chirag Paswan Pressured Survivor to Not File Case

The complainant has also claimed that she took to Chirag and had narrated the incident where he pressured into not filing a case against Prince. As mentioned earlier, the complaint was made in June earlier this year. In June, Prince had categorically denied the allegations made against him. He further filed an FIR against the complainant for her “defamatory statements”.

“Claims are False Fabricated”: Prince Denies Allegations

The LJP leader had also taken to Twitter and had denied the allegations saying, “I categorically deny any such claim or assertion that has been made against me. All such claims are blatantly false, fabricated, and are part of a larger criminal conspiracy to pressurise me professionally, and personally by threatening my reputation.”