Millions of citizens are kept inside a metal box under China’s new Zero-COVID Policy. The Chinese government has decided to put suspected COVID patients inside a metal box including children, pregnant women and elderly.

Tons of videos are being circulated on the internet depicting the gruesome reality of China’s Zero-COVID policy especially in Xi’an, Anyang and Yuzhou area. Suspected patients are kept inside the metal boxes and there are buses lining up on the road to take the patients to the quarantine zone.

As China prepares to host the Winter Olympics in Beijing next month, stricter checks are imposed in the country after a few cases of omicron were reported.

What’s in China’s Zero-COVID Policy?

China has imposed draconian rules under it’s Zero-Covid policy, in which, those who are considered high risk contacts, are banned from leaving their homes. Many are evacuated to the quarantine centres after midnight, including pregnant women, children and senior citizens.

People are being forced to stay in these crammed metal boxes furnished with a wooden bed and a toilet – for as long as two weeks – even if a single person tests positive in their locality.

In China, mandatory track-and-trace apps mean close contacts are usually detected and quarantined quickly. Around 20 million people in China are now confined to their homes and are banned from leaving their home even to buy food.

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How China Won Over the Initial Outbreak?

During the initial days of the pandemic, in the last quarter of 2019, China imposed a “dynamic zero” policy in the country when the government had full control over the social behaviour of its population. They could directly ban people from coming out of their houses.

Unlike other countries where social ventures were still accessible under certain circumstances, China went on strict lockdowns and mass testing. People were banned from leaving their buildings or forced to remain inside hotel rooms if they are considered high-risk contacts.

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Debate Over China’s “Dynamic Zero” Policy

The news of repeating these strategies comes days after the news of a miscarrying pregnant lady came to light. Due to the forced quarantine, the lady had to go through a miscarriage as she did not have access to the medical treatment when needed.

Even though in terms of the number of cases China did extremely well, this incident reignited debate over the limits of China’s zero-tolerance approach to COVID-19.


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