CM Mamata Banerjee blocked governor Dhankhar on Twitter. Kolkata Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Monday that she is irritated by the governor’s constant criticism of her government on Twitter. In a press conference in Kolkata, Banerjee revealed that governor Dhankhar has been threatening her ministers and chief secretaries on call.

Later, Dhankhar hit back on Twitter saying the constitutional duty of a governor cannot be “Blocked” without mentioning any name.

Dhankhar and Banerjee have been on tumultuous terms since TMC won the elections for the straight third term last year. Banerjee on multiple occasions has expressed her dissatisfaction on working with Dhankhar.

Accusations Made by CM of West Bengal

Chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee has accused Governor Dhankhar on multiple fronts in Monday’s press conference.

“We have been patiently suffering for the past year. He [Governor] has not cleared several files. He is keeping every file pending. How he can speak about policy decisions,” CM Mamata Banerjee said in her press conference.

She further added, “Who does he think himself to be? He gives orders and instructions and threatens bureaucrats. He does not follow any Constitutional norm. Are we his servants and bonded labourers? Is he our landlord? We are a democratically elected government. He has been nominated for the post, not elected for it,”

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The Pegasus Spyware Accusation on Governor Dhankhar

Banerjee also accused Dhankhar of using Israeli spyware Pegasus to keep track of her government.  “I have written four letters to the Centre, seeking the Governor’s removal. I also talked to the Prime Minister but no action was taken. The Centre has Pegasus. Pegasus is being used here from Raj Bhawan. Phones are being tapped at random. It is your (media’s) job to explore and find out. Go through the documents kept at Raj Bhawan,” said the CM.

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Blocking Governor on Twitter

CM Mamata Banerjee blocked governor Dhankhar on Twitter as his constant criticism made her Irritated. She said, “I am sorry to say that today I blocked the governor from my Twitter account. Every day he insults me and our officers. He used to tag me all the time. I found it extremely irritating,”. Banerjee has repeatedly accused Dhankhar of being an agent of the Bharatiya Janata Party, ruling party in the centre. Governor however has repeatedly denied such accusations.

Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien also took to Twitter on Monday to say that he too had “blocked” the Governor on Twitter.

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Governor’s Address to the Issue

Hours later, Bengal’s Governor Dhankhar addressed Banerjee’s comments on Twitter without mentioning her name and said “Mandated under Article 159 of the Constitution to ensure none in the state ‘blocks’ Constitutional Norms and Rules of Law and those in authority bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India.”

Jagdeep Dhankhar also shared his WhatsApp message sent to West Bengal’s CM on Monday on twitter that read, “Dialogue and harmony amongst constitutional functionaries is the essence and spirit of democracy and mandate of the constitution. This can blossom with mutual regard and respect. There has been all through highest personal regard for you from my side. Am sure this will receive your thoughtful consideration. Regards,”


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