At a press conference in Bhopal, Congress MLA Sajjan Singh Verma said that a girl is ready for reproduction by the age of 15 according to the doctors. Then why girls’ marriage age should be increased from 18 to 21. Is CM Shivraj Singh a doctor or a scientist? 

Sajjan Singh Verma gave the statement after MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh proposed to increase the marriage age of women to 21 and appealed for a national debate on the legal marriage age.  

Sajjan Singh Verma also accused the BJP government of failing to protect the girl children in the state. He also said that Madhya Pradesh tops in the number of child rapes. Rather than taking strict action against rape cases, the chief minister is playing politics. 

Sajjan Singh Verma’s statement that “women are ready for reproduction at the age of 15” has sparked a controversy.  

NCPCR issued a notice to Sajjan Singh Verma 

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has issued a notice to Sajjan Singh Verma over his disputed statement about the reproduction of minor girls. NCPCR has given Sajjan Singh Verma 2 days to justify his intentions for making such a discriminatory statement.  

BJP demanded an apology from Sajjan Singh Verma

Madhya Pradesh BJP’s media panellist Neha Bagga slammed the MLA for insulting daughters of India. She said that Sajjan Singh forgot that his party’s president is a woman. Neha Bagga also demanded an apology from Sajjan Singh Verma in public and urged Sonia Gandhi to remove him from the party.  

BJP spokesperson Rajjo Malviya said that Sajjan Singh Verma has a dirty mindset.  

Congress defended Sajjan Singh Verma

Congress spokesman Bhupendra Gupta defended Sajjan Singh Verma saying that Sajjan Singh Verma has only asked if the chief minister Shivraj Singh is aware of any valid research to propose increasing the marriage age of women to 21 years. The chief minister is giving such proposals to get popularity. The BJP is trying to create an issue out of nothing.