In a chilling news, a grandson who couldn’t afford the funeral of his 93-yo grandfather, stuffed his body in refrigerator. The elderly man had died due to sickness and as his 26-year-old grandson failed to gather resources to have a funeral, he took the drastic step of getting the body stuffed in refrigerator. The police found out about grandson’s dead after a strong stench came from his home.


The last rite is arguably the most important ritual in cultures in India and across the world. It’s a ritual, which if myths are believed, lets the soul finally depart a human’s body peacefully and if its not done appropriately, myths claim that the soul is left to wander. Last rite may seem an easy ritual to carry, but for those less privileged, it’s a ritual that requires money. Money that they can spend on other survival needs.

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The Facts of the Matter

In Telangana’s Warangal district, a 26-year-old grandson was thrown in a dilemma where he didn’t have money to carry out the last rites of his grandfather. Unable to see the ritual through, the grandson went on to stuff his grandfather’s deceased body into the refrigerator.

Negihbour Alerts Police, Grandson Reveals Everything

On Thursday, the police took to the man’s house in Warangal’s Parakala after they were alerted by the man’s neighbours. The neighbors smelled a strong stench which came from the man’s home and when they investigated, they found the deceased man’s body in the refrigerator. The home was occupied by the deceased man, Balayya and his grandson Nikhil. Both Balayya and Nikhil were living in the home on rent.

According to the police, Nikhil had stuffed his grandfather’s body in the cold storage equipment after the latter died 6 days ago. Nikhil is a class 10th dropout and told the police that he went on to take such a step as he didn’t have money to perform the last rites.

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Grandfather-Grandson Duo Lived off Pension

An Indian Express report tells that Nikhil and his grandfather lived on the latter’s pension as Nikhil was unemployed. Although there were reports which claimed that the grandson may have stuffed the body in the pretext of receiving monthly pension of his grandfather without hindrance, the police dismissed the claims.

No Case Against Grandson

The Indian Express report further quoted Parakala’s ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police), Shiva Jupally saying-

“Prima facie, it looks like a natural death. In the postmortem examination, too, doctors have not found any ante-mortem injury. We have sent six viscera samples from the body of the deceased for forensic examination to rule out poisoning or any chemical reaction. There is no case against the grandson so far.”

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Nikhil Stuffed Body in Refrigerator after Decomposition

ACP Shiva further said that the deceased man’s body was stuffed after it started decomposing a little bit and dismissed the rumours which said that it was immediately stored in the refrigerator.

Nikhils’ Tragic Story

Nikhil’s story, if reports are believed, is a tragic one. In 2019 his father passed away while his mother died more than a decade ago. Further, Nikhil’s grandmother too died earlier this year and his grandfather was bedridden for over three years.

ACP Shiva said-

“It is also likely that the bedridden man may have died a natural death, with the grandson unable to care for him. No one has raised any suspicion on the grandson’s character. We still don’t know what was the necessity to put the body in the refrigerator. he says he didn’t have money for the funeral.”