A Hyderabad doctor is setting example by treating over 20,000 COVID-19 patients for Rs. 10 and has turned one of the COVID-19 champion for the country. A COVID-19 champion may not be an official term, but any person that is extending their professional service to the needy in the humanitarian crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, that person can be called a COVID-19 champion.

Meet Dr. Victor Emmanuel: A doctor serving the humanity by serving humans

Dr. Victor Emmanuel is a doctor that is serving the humanity by treating patients at mere Rs. 10. The doctor’s intention is simple: providing the needful treatment at an affordable rate to the needy at his Hyderabad clinic. The Rs. 10 amount is a fees for any person who seeks treatment and holds a white ration card or a food security card. Further, Dr. Victor extends his services for free to soldiers. Although most students do step in the medical profession with similar intentions, only few are able to continue doing so given the capitalistic nature of things.

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Farmers, acid-attack victims, orphans & soldiers also served

In his interview to news agency ANI, Dr. Victor was quoted saying-

“I started this clinic with the sole purpose of serving the needy people and offering them an affordable treatment. Under this, we have identified few sections of society who are economically deprived groups and who hold food security cards or white ration cards. Apart from them, we provide the same service to farmers, acid attack victims, orphans, differently-abled people and even to jawans and their family members.”

Treating patients suffering from general ailments to cardiac-related issues

Dr. Victor not only gives consultation for Rs. 10, but also helps his patients with lab test cost cut downs, and medicines at low cost. Dr. Victor has treated people who have suffered from various diseases such as diabetes, nerve-related diseases, general ailments and even cardiac-related illness.

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Being aid to over 20,000-25,000 COVID-19 patients in a year

He has lately been championing the cause of providing cheaper treatment to the needy by treating COVID-19 patients at the similar cost of Rs. 10. Naturally, he has been swamped with consultation requests and he has been reportedly treating more than 100 patients in a day. Meanwhile, when the second wave of the pandemic was at its peak, Dr. Victor’s clinic served more than 140 COVID-19 patients every day. In his interview, Dr. Victor said how he and his team has treated more than 20,000-25,000 COVID-19 patients in just the last year.

One Incident that changed his life

Every person sees an incidence in his life that reaffirms their in their purpose. Dr. Victor too had similar experience. While speaking to ANI, he said how he saw a woman begging on roads near a hospital to get some medicines for her husband who was admitted in the ICU at the hospital. That incident shook him and he decided to serve the neediest. Although he was unsure of holding his clinic at Rs. 10 fees, he said that when people found out about his clinic, they rallied behind him. Dr. Victor claims that his project is now ‘for the patients – by the patients’.

“Throughout this journey till date, my friends and family, including my wife who herself is a doctor, have been supportive,”

-Dr. Victor said.

Why charge Rs. 10 instead of serving for free, Dr. Victor answers

Often, he is asked by people why he charges a small sum of Rs. 10 instead of providing his services for free. To this. Dr. Victor says that he charges Rs. 10 as he doesn’t want the patients to think that they are provided the treatment out of mercy.

“This is to safeguard their self-respect. They walk in the clinic, pay Rs. 10, get themselves checked and walk out happily without having a feeling that someone had shown mercy to them and their financial status,”

-said Dr. Victor.