The Indian government today announced that the winter session of the Parliament that was to be held in December will not be held in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The session which would have seen the budget to be laid out is now postponed till January 2021. 

In a letter to the leader of Congress, Parliamentary Affair’s Officer Prahlad Joshi wrote, ‘Government is willing to have the next session of Parliament at the earliest; it would be appropriate to have the Budget Session, 2021 in January 2021 keeping in mind the unprecedented circumstances created by Covid-19 pandemic.”

Congress Condemns The Center, Says They Were Not Consulted, AAP Throws Shade on Twitter

The opposition party Congress meanwhile said that neither the leader of Lok Sabha nor the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha was taken into consideration or consulted before the decision was announced. 

Meanwhile, Srivastava, the Congress leader in Karnataka, took to Twitter and labeled the Center’s decision as #TooMuchDemocracy

AAP(Aam Aadmi Party) too condemned the government’s decision and took a sarcastic jab in one of their tweets today. 

Previously, the center’s decision to suspend the question hour in the monsoon session of the parliament set off widespread disapproval in the opposition party. Accusing the center of lacking accountability, the opposition party was of the opinion that the government was using pandemic as an excuse of doing away with accountability and transparency. 

A delay in the winter’s session could very well entail that the state government would also not be able to plan their own budget sessions as they would be clueless about their part of the share in the central funds.