The impact of COVID-19 is still persistent and can be seen on the Republic Day parade as well. This year, there will be no joint parade or coordinated parade at the Attari border on the Republic Day. Previously, Pakistan and India used to perform a joint parade, which was witnessed by the people of both sides. But this year, no public will be allowed because of the COVID-19 restrictions at the Attari border.

A senior BSF (Border Security Force) official shared that there will be no joint or coordinated parade this year at the Attari border on Republic Day. Keeping COVID-19 restriction in mind with no parades, no public will be allowed as well. Though India will perform flag-lowering as per daily schedule.

Restrictions on public visit have been since March 7 at the Attari border due to COVID-19 restrictions. According to certain sources, Pakistan has also started to let people visit after seeing few people at Indian side. India has also stopped offering sweets to Pakistan on different occasions, as they used to amidst the tense relationship with Pakistan.

A meeting is scheduled to decide upon what has to be done on the Republic day, says a BSF source.