Coronavirus vaccine Covaxin trials are being conducted on victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy without their consent or knowledge. The vaccine Covaxin is developed by Bharat Biotech and is in its Phase-3 trial at the People’s University in Bhopal. 

Social activist Rachna Dhingra claims that the People’s University gathered the poor people of gas affected communities with a promise of Rs. 750 for the vaccination trial. 

She posted on twitter that “most of the victims were told that they are being given the vaccine to stop COVID-19 and not that they are part of Phase-3 trial. None of them have received the reports of their blood & PCR samples”.  

She also shared an image of the vaccine trial form on twitter. 

Rachna Dhingra shared a video of a man who received the vaccine in the trials and said that “When a participant experiences an adverse event, the hospital prescribes medicines & investigations where the participant is expected to foot the bill. Things can’t get any worse than this”. 

In response, the People’s University posted a tweet saying “This is misleading! All the participants were duly counseled for min. 30 minutes before their consent was sought on both dosage schedules”. 

Many people praised Rachna Dhingra for her efforts. Saffron Bros, a social media user tweeted “Hi Rachna, I must applaud your efforts, working for the ones no one wants to even think about. You have my utmost respect”.