COVID-19 warrior Sonu Sood saved the lives of 22 COVID-19 patients in Bengaluru by arranging oxygen cylinders in time. The actor’s team that’s working around the clock to arrange supplies and aid to the needy, sprang into action when a hospital in Bengaluru needed oxygen to save lives of critical COVID-19 patients.

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India is battling the second wave of the COVID-19 virus. With each passing day, more and more hospitals from across the nation are raising SOS (emergency) calls for oxygen supply. A grave problem that was first observed in New Delhi has now engulfed the nation with now various cities and its hospitals are issuing warnings of depleting oxygen supply.

One such hospital from Bengaluru also raised an SOS call earlier yesterday. Fortunately, Bollywood actor, and a COVID-19 warrior in his own right Sonu Sood took the heed to call and took swift action.


At least 22 lives at the ARAK Hospital were in grave danger as the hospital was running out of oxygen and had to make an SOS call. The Karnataka arm of the Sonu Sood Charity Foundation also received the notification from Mr. M.R. Satyanarayan, Yelahanka Police Inspector, and the team sprung into the action.

The team moved swiftly and used all its contacts. The team called all the resources it had to its disposal and the resources rallied together to then be able to help Sood’s foundation with 16 oxygen cylinders. It should be noted that prior to this, the ARAK Hospital at Bengaluru had already lost 2 COVID-19 patients due to similar problem.

The police from the region also worked in partnership with the Sood Charity Foundation and drove one patient to other hospital because there was an unavailability of ambulance driver.

Sood appreciates his team, thanks police officer

After the issue was handled with priority and eventual success, Mr. Sood was quoted by news agencies saying, “This was sheer teamwork and the will to help our fellow countrymen. As soon as we got the call from Inspector Satyanarayan, we verified it and got to action within minutes. The team spent the entire night not thinking about anything else but just helping the hospital get oxygen cylinders. Had there been any delay, many families would have lost their close ones.”

He further added, “I want to thank everyone who helped in saving so many lives last night. It’s such actions by my team members that make me want to keep going on and on and trying to make a difference in the lives of people. I’m extremely proud of Hashmath who was in touch with me throughout the whole time and the entire team who helped them.”

The Bollywood actor also took to Twitter and wrote, “So proud of my heroes who worked the whole night to provide Oxygen Cylinders to the patients at the ARAK hospital in Bangalore and saved 20 lives.All thanks to @hashmath_raza, @digitalraaghav, @meghachowdhary4, @rakshasom, @radhika28336907, @niddhi_buch & @kp.sathyanarayana sir

How Sonu Sood’s team operates?

For the uninitiated, the Bollywood actor has been nothing short of a Godsent to hundreds and thousands of people his foundation has helped so far. According to Mid-Day, the Sonu Sood’s foundation works in a way that can make the impossible also possible. A team is comprised of several people in which one person’s job is to generate leads, one person verifies them, a person deals with bed allotment by working with the municipal corporations, one person engages with SOS situations and by this cooperation the team is able to reach those that are perhaps overlooked by the government.

Sood suggests free education for child who loses family member due to COVID-19

Earlier last month, Sood was again lauded by netizens for asking the govt to help children who lost their parents to COVID-19 with free education. In an Instagram video, Mr. Sood spoke about the issue of young children losing their parents due to COVID-19. “Kids that are 8, 10, 12 years have lost one parent or even both the parents.” He further said that the govt should help these kids by offering them free education.  “I urge the state govt, central govt and other institutes to pass a rule which says that whoever loses a family member due to COVID-19, the education for such kids from school to college should be free.”


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Priyanka Chopra lauds Sood’s Vision

Bollywood actress, global influencer and restauranter Priyanka Chopra appreciated Sood’s vision and took to Instagram where she acknowledged Sood’s ideas and gave some of her own.

She posted Sood’s video and in the caption wrote, “Firstly, I am inspired that Sonu made this critical observation. Secondly, in typical Sonu style, he has also thought of a solution and come up with some suggestions for action.” She further added that, “I fully support Sonu’s ideas and I will actively work towards finding ways to support education because I have always believed that #educationforeverychild is a birthright. And we cannot as a society let the virus change that.”